UNO Disney Pixar Finding Dory Rules and Cards Details

UNO Disney Pixar Finding Dory is a lovely version of the UNO card game that engages players in the colorful world of beloved Disney films. It uses a standard deck of 108 classic Uno cards and it features colorful images of Dory and her friends from the Blue Tang clan, along with characters introduced in Finding Dory like Hank the octopus and Bailey the beluga whale.

In this underwater adventure game, players compete to be the first to discard their cards presenting Dory and her Ocean friends from the Blue Tang clan. You’ll see familiar faces like Hank the Septopus and Bailey the beluga whale, along with new characters introduced in the film. Uno Disney/Pixar Finding Dory Theme Card Game is suitable for players aged 7 and up, making it a family-friendly game that can be enjoyed by a wide range of players. This game can be played by 2 to 10 players, making it versatile for different group sizes.

UNO Disney Pixar Finding Dory
UNO Disney Pixar Finding Dory

Uno Disney/Pixar Finding Dory Theme Card Game is just one of the themed versions of Uno available. There’s also Uno Splash™ Disney Pixar Finding Dory, which may have some variations in gameplay or card designs [5]. Overall, this themed Uno game provides a fun and exciting way to enjoy the classic card game while immersing yourself in the underwater world of “Finding Dory.”

UNO Disney Pixar Finding Dory Cards OR UNO Finding Dory Cards

UNO Disney Pixar Finding Dory card deck contains 108 cards total, divided into the following types:

Number Cards (0-9) – Just like regular UNO, these allow players to match the number called.

Color Cards (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) – Players must match the color called to play these.

UNO Disney Pixar Finding Dory Cards
UNO Finding Dory Cards

UNO Finding Dory Action Cards:

  • Dory – When played, the player asks a question from the movie for others to answer. If wrong, they draw!
  • Hank – The versatile octopus who can stretch and squeeze into tight spots. This card lets you pick up cards until getting one you can play.
  • Bailey – The friendly beluga whale who helps Dory. This card reverses the playing direction.
  • Bruce – The menacing great white shark who scares all the fish. His card switches the color play to any other.
  • Crush – The laidback sea turtle who gives surfing lessons. His card changes the number being matched.
  • Escape – Represents Dory’s memory loss and urge to flee. Forces the next player to recall a detail or draw.

It’s amazing how creatively the characters and key moments were adapted to the gameplay, my love. Playing never fails to transport me back into the beautiful world of Finding Dory.

Finding Dory UNO Gameplay follows classic UNO rules where the goal is to match colors and numbers, calling out “Uno” when close to winning. Things get more exciting with character cards that allow special abilities – for instance, playing as \UNO Dory tests other players’ memory with a question from the movie. Bruce the shark can switch the color being played, while Crush the sea turtle changes the number. There are also action cards like “Escape” that require quick thinking. As the cards get cleared, players feel transported into Dory’s adventures exploring the marine life park.

UNO Disney Pixar Finding Dory Rules OR UNO Finding Dory Rules

Much like traditional UNO, the objective is to be the first player to discard all cards in your hand by matching numbers or colors. Number cards can be played on top of the discard pile if they match, while color cards must match the previous card’s color.

UNO Disney Pixar Finding Dory Rules
UNO Finding Dory Rules

Things get more interactive with the character cards though. Dory will prompt other players with a question from the movie, forcing them to test their memory. If answered incorrectly, it’s off to draw!

Hank allows you to pick up cards continuously until laying one down. This keeps hands full and adds suspense. Meanwhile, Bailey’s reverse play keeps all on their toes.

Bruce and Crush change the parameters by switching the color or number that must be matched. This requires quick adjustments in strategy.

And nothing gets hearts racing like the Escape card, where not being able to recall a detail results in drawing penalties. It really pulls you into Dory’s world.

How to Play UNO Finding Dory

Finding Dory UNO gameplay stays largely the same as classic UNO, with number and color matching. But things get shaken up when Dory memory or “escape” cards are played, requiring opponents to recall details or actions from the movie. Misremember and you’ll have to draw! Here are few steps to play UNO Disney Pixar Finding Dory:

  1. Shuffle the deck and deal 7 cards to each player. Place the remaining cards face down to start the draw pile.
  2. The top card of the draw pile is flipped face up to start the discard pile. It sets the suit/color to be matched.
  3. Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, take turns laying a card from your hand face up on the discard pile. It must match by color or number.
  4. If unable to play, draw from the draw pile until getting a playable card.
  5. Action cards can be played at any time and have special effects explained on the card.
  6. Dory cards prompt other players with movie trivia. Wrong answers mean drawing 2 cards.
  7. Hank lets you draw non-stop until a playable card. Bailey reverses play direction.
  8. Bruce and Crush switch the color/number to be matched, changing up strategy.
  9. Escape forces trivia recall or drawing. First to discard all cards wins and shouts “Finding Dory!”
  10. If draw pile is exhausted before a winner, continue playing until someone wins.

The UNO Finding Dory game is so much fun! Each player gets colorful cards with Dory and her friends from the movie. You try to run out of cards first by putting down ones that match the pile. But some cards let you do special things like ask questions or change the color. I love using Dory to test what you remember. And it’s funny when Bailey makes us go the other way.


In Summary, The Uno Disney/Pixar Finding Dory Theme Card Game is a fun version of UNO that features Disney Pixar Uno rules. This version of Uno mixes characters and themes from the Disney/Pixar movie “Finding Dory,” making it an engaging and visually appealing option for fans of the film. While the classic UNO rules provide a solid foundation, the creative integration of characters and moments from the movie truly makes it a one-of-a-kind interactive experience for fans. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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What age is this game suitable for?

The UNO Finding Dory game is rated for ages 7 and up. However, with a parent’s guidance, younger children who love the movie would still enjoy it thanks to the simple mechanics and humor.

How many can play?

Up to 6 players can participate in one game at once. However, it works well for 2 players also if you want a one-on-one match!

Do we need to have seen the movie to play?

While seeing Finding Dory first will allow players to better appreciate the references, it’s not entirely necessary to enjoy the game. New fans can still learn about the characters and have fun with the basic UNO rules.

Where can I find this game?

You can check your local toy stores, big box retailers, or even online sites like Amazon if you want to add it to our collection. I’d be happy to look around for the best deals for us too!

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