The UNO Reverse Card (Rules Memes, And Meaning)

The Reverse card in uno is a special action card that reverses the path of play. When a player plays the uno reverse card, they skip their turn and the direction of play continues in reverse. For instance, if the play is clockwise, it changes to counter-clockwise forcing the next player to go in the opposite direction of the play.

Uno Reverse Card Meaning
The UNO Reverse Card (Rules Memes, And Meaning) 4

Reverse Card In UNO

The Reverse Card is an Action Card, just like Draw Two, skip, and wild cards. When played, it reverses the direction of play so that play goes in the opposite direction. However, some house rules allow a Reverse to be countered by playing another action card like a Skip or Wild Draw card instead. In our house, we let players draw two cards instead of four if they play a numbered card of the same color as the last one played.

UNO Reverse Cards Image

This is the official UNO Reverse Card Image available in all four colors red, green, yellow, and blue.

UNO Reverse Cards
The UNO Reverse Card (Rules Memes, And Meaning) 5

UNO Reverse Card Rules

Uno’s Reverse card is a game-changer that changes the direction of the game. If you were going clockwise, you would switch to counterclockwise. The player who puts down the Reverse card has to skip their turn. You can only play the Reverse card on a matching color or another Reverse card. If multiple Reverse cards are played, the play will reverse the number of times that corresponds to the number of reverse cards. In a two-player game, no matter the direction it goes, the other person’s turn comes.

Uno Reverse Card
The UNO Reverse Card (Rules Memes, And Meaning) 6
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Ultimate UNO Reverse Card

The ultimate uno reverse card is a humorous term used to describe a hypothetical card in the game of Uno that has the power to reflect any move to the opponent. For example, if someone insults you by saying, “You are ugly”, you can respond by saying “Pulls out ultimate uno reverse card”, mentioning that the person who said it is the ugly one. This term evolved from a definition in Urban Dictionary in 2018, and quickly gained popularity. It is sometimes also referred to as an “upgraded no u” or a “karmic event”.

UNO Reverse Card Ideas

Here are some ideas for Uno reverse cards:


If you stack multiple reverse cards, the order of play will reverse the number of times you play them. For example, if the game is clockwise and you stack three reverse cards, the next player to play will be the one to the right of you.

Last card

If you play a reverse card as your last card, you don’t have to take another card and you win the game.

Playing a matching color

You can only play a reverse card on a matching color or another reverse card. 

Uno Reverse Card Meme

The Uno reverse card meme and concept are widely used in online culture and conversations. It is usually used playfully and humorously to indicate that someone’s statement, action, or accusation should be directed back at them. In simple terms, if someone says or does something to another person, that person can play the metaphorical “Uno reverse card” to turn the situation around and make the original statement or action apply to the first person instead. 

The trend of using the Uno reverse card meme started on May 10, 2018, when a user linked Uno to the “No U” meme. “No U” is an anagram of “Uno.” In the game of Uno, the reverse card changes the direction of the play. For instance, if the play is going to the left, the reverse card changes it to the right. The card can only be played in a matching color or on another reverse card.

Other Uno Versions


Is the Uno reverse card powerful?

No wonder, Reverse Card is the powerful card in uno because it revreses the gameply directions and gameplay goe on reversly.

What happens if two Reverse Cards are played at the same time?

If two Reverse Cards are played simultaneously, they cancel each other out and the direction does not change. The last reversed player would then resume their turn.

Does a Reverse Card affect the Draw 4/Draw 2 cards?

No, powerful Action Cards like Draw 4/Draw 2 override a Reverse when played. The reversing player would still need to draw the penalty cards instead of reversing the next player.

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