Uno Reverse Card (Rules Images And Meme)

The Reverse Card in UNO is one of the most powerful action cards in the game. When uno reverse card is played, it forces the next player to go in the opposite direction of play. This can cause major disruptions and changes to the normal turn order. As per the official rules, playing a Reverse card means the next player must now draw four cards as their turn instead of being able to play a numbered card or other playable card from their hand.

Uno Reverse Card Meaning
Reverse UNO Card Meaning

Uno Reverse Card

The Reverse Card is considered an Action Card, just like Draw Two, Skip, and Wild cards. When played, it reverses the direction of play so that play goes in the opposite directions. However, many house rules allow a Reverse to be countered by playing another action card like a Skip or Wild Draw card instead. In our house, we let players draw two cards instead of four if they play a numbered card of the same color as the last played. This adds an extra layer of strategy and prevents any one player from being completely disrupted by a Reverse card. It keeps the game moving while still allowing the impactful action cards to change up the flow.

Uno Reverse Card

Uno Reverse Card
Uno Reverse Card (Rules Images And Meme) 3

Uno Reverse Card Meaning

The Uno Reverse Card is a playing card in the classic card game Uno which reverses the order of turns and is used as metaphorical term for unexpected comebacks or karmic changes of events in life. The reverse uno card meme has seen use primarily as an image to photoshop, [2] with the same meaning as the “No U” meme. It can be applied to situations where one person’s plans have been thwarted by another’s, representing a sudden and unexpected change of events.

The meme and a playful concept based on the rules of the card game “Uno.” In the game “Uno,” a “Reverse” card can be played to reverse the order of play, typically changing it from clockwise to counterclockwise or vice versa.

Uno Reverse Card Meme

The meme and concept of the “Uno reverse card” have been adapted into online culture and conversations to humorously indicate that someone’s statement, action, or accusation should be directed back at them. In other words, if someone says or does something to another person, that person can play the metaphorical “Uno reverse card” as a way of turning the situation around and making the original statement or action apply to the first person instead. It’s often used in a lighthearted or joking manner to add a playful twist to discussions or arguments.

For example, if Person A says, “You always take forever to reply to messages,” Person B might respond with, “Well, I guess it runs in the family. plays Uno reverse card

Keep in mind that the “Uno reverse card” is meant to be humorous and not meant to be taken literally. It’s a meme that relies on context and familiarity with the game “Uno” to be understood.

Uno Reverse Card Rules

Here are the official rules for the Uno Reverse Card:

  • The Reverse Card is considered an Action Card, just like Draw Two, Skip, and Wild cards.
  • When played, it reverses the direction of play so that play goes in the opposite direction. This could switch it from clockwise to counterclockwise or vice versa.
  • The player who has the Reverse Card played on them must then draw cards from the draw pile equal to the number of cards remaining in their hand. So if they have 3 cards, they must draw 3.
  • They are not allowed to play any cards from their hand on their turn. Their turn is simply drawing the penalty cards.
  • Importantly, a Reverse Card can be reversed itself by another Reverse Card. So players should always be wary of carrying too many cards!
  • In official tournament play, there are no “house rules” allowed like cancelling a Reverse. The above effects must be strictly followed.


In the early 2000s, the official rules of Uno provided that in a 2 player game, a reverse card acted as a Skip Card, but this rule was removed from later Uno instruction manuals and it is not clear whether it is still officially supported. Let me know if any part of the Reverse Card rules are unclear.

Other Uno Versions

Uno Reverse Card Ultimate

I just looked it up and there’s actually an even more powerful version of the Reverse Card called the Reverse Card Ultimate! Here are the special rules for Reverse Card Ultimate:

  • Like a regular Reverse, it changes the direction of play. But instead of just the next player, it reverses the order of ALL remaining players! Total chaos ensues.
  • Not only that, but the player who gets hit with the Reverse Ultimate must draw cards equal to the number of cards left in the entire deck! So it’s almost a guaranteed wipeout.
  • To make it even worse, as they’re drawing all those cards their turn timer is doubled. The pressure is on!
  • But here’s the catch – a regular Reverse has no effect on a Reverse Ultimate. Only another Ultimate can reverse its reverse. The mind games are real!

No wonder they call it “Ultimate”, it really packs the most punishing power punch. We’ll have to try house ruling it into our games sometime, but I have a feeling it may cause some hurt feelings so use with caution! What a wickedly fun way to shake things up though, ya amar?


Is the Uno reverse card powerful?

No wonder, Reverse Card is the powerful card in uno because it revreses the gameply directions and gameplay goe on reversly.

Can I play multiple Reverse Cards in a row to keep reversing the direction?

Yes, according to official UNO rules, Reverse Cards can be chained indefinitely to bounce the direction back and forth as many times as players have them. It makes for some unpredictable fun!

What happens if two Reverse Cards are played at the same time?

A: If two Reverse Cards are played simultaneously, they cancel each other out and the direction does not change. The last reversed player would then resume their turn.

Does a Reverse Card affect the Draw 4/Draw 2 cards?

No, powerful Action Cards like Draw 4/Draw 2 override a Reverse when played. The reversing player would still need to draw the penalty cards instead of reversing the next player.

Can I play another Action Card instead of reversing if I get hit with a Reverse?

By official rules no, but many play with a “house rule” that allows using another Action Card like Skip to avoid reversing if possible. Up to each play group!

Does an UNO player have to say “UNO” when down to their last card?

While not a requirement, most players do say “UNO” as a courtesy when close to winning. But Reverse Cards can ruin those victory plans!

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