How Many Cards Are In A UNO Deck UNO Cards List

There are 112 cards in a standard Uno deck. This deck consists of 76 numbered cards, with numbers 1 to 9 represented by two cards per color and number (72 numbered cards), 24 Action cards, which include Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two cards (6 of each color) and 8 Wild cards, which are divided into 4 Wild cards and 4 Wild Draw Four cards.

UNO Cards List and Uno Cards Explained

uno cards explained
uno cards explained

UNO Number Cards (80 total)

  • 10 x 0 (Zero cards)
  • 10 x 1s
  • 10 x 2
  • 10 x 3
  • 10 x 4
  • 10 x 5
  • 10 x 6
  • 10 x 7
  • 10 x 8
  • 10 x 9

UNO Color Cards (80 total)

  • 20 x Red
  • 20 x Blue
  • 20 x Yellow
  • 20 x Green

UNO Special Cards (16 total)

  • 8 x Draw Two
  • 8 x Reverse

How Many Cards Are In A UNO Deck

How Many Cards Are In A UNO Deck
How Many Cards Are In A UNO Deck
  • 80 number cards total (10 of each number 0-9)
  • 80 color cards total (20 of each color)
  • 16 special cards total (8 Draw Two, 8 Reverse)

That comes out to a grand total of 176 cards per single UNO deck. The standard game uses 2 full decks shuffled together for 108 cards in active play at once.

Uno Special Cards

Uno special cards refer to unique cards in the Uno card game that have special abilities or rules associated with them. These cards add an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the game. Here are some common Uno special cards:

  1. Skip Card: When played, it skips the next player’s turn. They lose their chance to play a card.
  2. Reverse Card: Reverses the direction of play, changing it from clockwise to counterclockwise or vice versa.
  3. Draw Two Card: The next player must draw two cards from the draw pile and forfeit their turn.
  4. Wild Card: Allows the player to choose the current color being played. The player can select any of the four colors (red, blue, green, or yellow).
  5. Wild Draw Four Card: Similar to the Wild Card, but also forces the next player to draw four cards and skip their turn. Players can challenge this card if they did not skip their turn due to a lack of alternatives.

These cards are divided into three major categories:

Number Cards

There are 76 number cards in a UNO deck. They divided these cards into four colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. Each color has numbers ranging from 0 to 9.

Action Cards

There are 24 action cards in the deck. These include Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two cards in each of the four colors.

Wild Cards

There are 8 wild cards in the deck. These include Wild cards and Wild Draw Four cards. Wild cards allow you to change the current color, while Wild Draw Four cards not only change the color but also force the next player to draw four cards.

This composition of cards ensures that Uno is a fun and dynamic card game that multiple players can play. To start, an official Mattel UNO deck contains 108 cards. Now that may seem like a strange number compared to a traditional 52-card playing deck. However, the construction of the UNO is actually quite logical. Let me explain the different types of cards found in that 108 total.

The bulk of the deck is made up of number cards. There are 80 number cards in a UNO deck – 10 each of the numbers 0 through 9. So that’s 10 zeroes, 10 ones, 10 twos all the way up to 10 nines. These number cards allow players to match the number called out on the previous turn. They break down the deck into easy-to-understand tens.

In addition to numbers, UNO decks also include color cards. There are four colors – red, blue, yellow, and green. Each color has 20 cards, for a total of 80 color cards in the deck. Color cards mean you have to match either the color or number of the previous card played. This adds variety beyond just numbers.

The remaining cards in a UNO deck are special action cards. There are only 8 Draw Two cards which force another player to pick up two from the draw pile. And there are also 8 Reverse cards that change the direction of play as long as it’s on the table. These action cards inject excitement and change into the gameplay.

If you add it all up – 80 number cards, 80 color cards, 8 Draw Two cards, and 8 Reverse cards – you get a grand total of 176 cards in a UNO deck. However, the official starters include 2 decks being used at the same time, so you really end up with 108 cards being used in play from the full 176-card supply.

How Many Cards are In a Deck of Uno Cards

A standard Uno deck consists of 108 cards. They divide these cards into four different colored suits: red, yellow, green, and blue. Each suit contains numbers 0 through 9, with two cards per number. In addition to the numbered cards, there are also special action cards, such as Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two, which add unique gameplay elements to the game. In addition to the numbered cards, the game also includes color-coded action cards that match the four suits.

How many cards in Uno for each player

In Uno, the number of cards for each player can vary depending on the number of players participating in the game. Uno decks consist of 108 cards in total. The number of players can range from 2 to 10 participants. When playing Uno, each player typically starts with 7 cards. However, you can adjust this number based on your preference or house rules. For example, in games with fewer than 4 players, you may want to deal with more cards to increase the challenge.


I hope this detailed breakdown of the UNO card game components and quantities has given you a clearer picture of how the deck is structured to create such an engaging game. Whether you love UNO strategy or just want to understand the game better, this article breaks things down in simple terms. UNO remains such a popular game around the world because of its mix of strategy, luck, colorful design – and sheer fun! Knowing the specifics of the 108-card deck should add another layer of appreciation when you sit down for your next match.

UNO Variations Explained


How many UNO cards are in a deck?

The standard UNO deck contains 108 total cards that are used in a single game between 2-10 players. This comes from combining 2 full UNO decks, each containing 176 cards and shuffling them together into one stack for playing.

How many cards are in an Uno deck?

A single UNO deck on its own contains exactly 176 cards – 80 number cards, 80 color cards, 8 Draw Two cards, and 8 Reverse cards. However, for regular gameplay, two full decks are used together, for 108 cards in active use over the course of a match.

What are the colors of UNO cards?

The four colors found on UNO cards are red, blue, yellow, and green. Each color has its own set of 20 individual cards in a single deck. Proper matching of colors is an essential part of gameplay.

How many types of cards are there in a UNO deck?

There are 3 main types of cards – number cards (0-9), color cards (red, blue, yellow, green), and special action cards (Draw Two, Reverse). Number cards make up 80, color 80, and 16 special cards.

Do all UNO decks have the same number and types of cards?

Yes, the official UNO game produced by Mattel uses a standardized and consistent card composition across all decks. No matter if your deck is new or old, the 108 cards will always have consistent quantities and varieties.

How many Uno cards in a deck?

While an individual UNO deck contains 176 cards, the number of cards used in a standard game played by multiple players is 108 in total. This comes from the recommended setup of shuffling two full 176-card decks together into a single playing stack.

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