The Out of Order Game Rules and Instructions

Out of Order is a unique trivia card game designed for 2–6 players, that involves answering questions out of order, creating a hilarious and challenging experience for players of all ages. This game is a great choice for family gatherings, game nights, or as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Components of Out of Order Game

The Out of Order game includes 100 double-sided quirky question cards, with 5 questions on each side of the card, providing ample content for multiple play through the game. Additionally, there is a rule card with instructions, six scoring arrows in various colors, and a scoring board, which conveniently doubles as the game box.

Components of Out of Order Card Game
The Out of Order Game Rules and Instructions 3

Out of Order Card Game Rules

To set up, each player takes a scoring arrow card, and the question cards are picked up and placed back in the box. A quiz master is randomly selected to start the game. When starting the game, all players always answer out of order for the first question, providing the answer to the previous question instead of the correct answer.

In the Out of Order Card Game, if a player gives an incorrect answer, the next player to the left gets a chance to answer. To play the game, the reader takes a card from the pack and reads the questions from top to bottom to the players around the table. The answer to the first question is always ‘Out of Order’, and the answer to the second question is the answer to the first question.

Out of Order Card Game Rules
The Out of Order Game Rules and Instructions 4

The players continue answering questions until they reach the bonus round. Depending on the number of questions answered correctly, players progress around the board, earning points for each correct answer. Each correctly answered question is worth one point, and players mark their points on the box using the clip-on scoring arrow.

The first person to make their way around the board, from ‘Start’ to ‘Finish’, wins the game. In the case of a tie for first place, the player with the most cards at the end of the game emerges as the winner. The game is easy to play, but remembering the previous answer can be quite challenging. Players have three seconds to answer each question, and if they fail, the next player gets a chance.

Anyone in the group can answer the bonus question, and the player who answers it correctly keeps the card from which the questions are drawn. Out of Order is a delightful and engaging game that offers a unique twist on trivia, making it an enjoyable choice for social gatherings and family entertainment.

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