The Uno All Wild Cards (All Wild Cards Meaning)

Uno All Wild is the version of classic uno where all cards are wild cards, introduced by Mattel in 2021. The wild cards can be played on any card as all the cards in this game are wild, so everyone can play a card on every turn. To play, the player to the left of the dealer goes first, plays cards by taking turns matching them by color or actions and the winner is the person who gets rid of all their cards first.

UNO All Wild Cards
The Uno All Wild Cards (All Wild Cards Meaning) 5

Uno All Wild Cards

There are 112 cards in Uno all wild including 25 cards of each color and eight wild cards like Wild Reverse, Wild Skip and Skip 2, Wild Draw 2 and 4, Wild Forced Swap and Wild Targeted Draw 2. During play, players can play cards at any time and change the color that continues play and they can choose any color to continue play, including the color in play before the wild card was laid down. You can buy them from

Uno All Wild Cards Meaning And Rules

Uno All Wild Card Meanings
The Uno All Wild Cards (All Wild Cards Meaning) 6

Wild Draw Two Card

wild draw two card
The Uno All Wild Cards (All Wild Cards Meaning) 7

The Draw Two wild card features the text Draw Two card symbol in the center and a +2 sign on both corners. When a player plays a Draw Two card, the next player must draw two cards from the draw pile. If a player has a card of the matching color on top of the discard pile, they cannot play the Draw Two card, just like other wild cards. It allows a player to force the next player to skip their turn and draw more cards.

Reverse Card

Reverse Card in Uno
The Uno All Wild Cards (All Wild Cards Meaning) 8

The wild Reverse card features two arrows pointing in opposite directions. Like the Draw Two card, you can play the Reverse card on any colored card. When a reverse card is played, the order of game play reverses. So if the play is moving clockwise, it will switch to counter-clockwise. This can disrupt the plans of players who have been trying to set up patterns of play. The Reverse card is a strategic way to change the flow of the game and gain an advantage.

Skip Card

Skip Card in Uno
The Uno All Wild Cards (All Wild Cards Meaning) 9

The Skip card features the text “Skip” and an icon in the center. The Skip card, when played, causes the next player to lose their turn. Like the other wild cards, you can play the Skip card on any colored card on the discard pile and it allows the player to bypass the turn of the next player. Causing another player to skip their turn limits their options and prevents them from achieving any strategies they may have been working towards.

Wild Draw Four Card

wild draw four card
The Uno All Wild Cards (All Wild Cards Meaning) 10

The Wild Draw Four card is the most powerful wild card in Uno. It features the text “Wild” and “Draw Four” with four symbols in the corners. You can play the Wild Draw Four card on any card of any color, and when played, the next player must draw four cards from the draw pile and lose his turn. Of all the wild cards, the Wild Draw Four card has the biggest impact by forcing the next player to draw many new cards.

Wild Card in Uno All Wild

Wild Card in Uno
The Uno All Wild Cards (All Wild Cards Meaning) 11

The wild cards in Uno, while powerful, must be played strategically to avoid penalties. A wild card is only playable by players in case they do not hold a corresponding colored card in their hand. Playing a wild card just for the sake of using its effect can allow the next player to challenge and reverse the effect back onto the offending player.

Additional Cards in Uno All Wild

There are a few additional cards in Uno all wild game, Wild Skip Two Card, Wild Targeted Draw Two Card, and Wild Forced Swap Card.

Cards in Uno All Wild
Wild Cards in Uno All Wild

Wild Skip Two Card

The Wild Skip Two card in Uno All Wild allows you to force the next two players to miss their turns. If only two players remain, playing this card means your opponent has to skip two turns in a row while you get two consecutive turns. This powerful wild card allows you to significantly disrupt the turns of other players, potentially enabling you to take multiple actions before they can respond.

Wild Targeted Draw Two Card

The Wild Targeted Draw Two card lets you choose a specific player to draw two extra cards when you play it. Unlike the Wild Skip Two, the targeted player does not have to miss their turn after drawing the two cards.

Wild Forced Swap Card

The Wild Forced Swap card forces you to swap your entire hand of cards with another player of your choice when played. This means both players have to adopt each other’s strategies and objectives based on the new cards they receive. Players are even required to yell “Uno!” if they had only one card left before the swap.

Uno all wild new cards

Uno has introduced some new wild cards in special themed versions of the game. Some examples are the “Rotate Left/Right” cards which force the direction of play to change, and the “All Play Next/All Pass” cards which require all players or no players to take a turn. These new wild cards provide more variety in game play.

Uno all wild forced swap last card

A “Swap Hands” wild card in Uno all wild deck would force two players to swap their remaining cards, adding an additional element of surprise. This could allow a player close to going out to swap hands with a player with fewer card options remaining.


Can you stack in Uno all wild?

uno all wild gameplay rules

No, there is no “stacking” or playing multiple cards at once in standard Uno. Players must play one card at a time.

How to play Uno all wild cards?

You can play Uno all wild cards the same way you play standard Uno – match cards by color or number. Wild cards add extra effects but do not change the core sequence of play.

How many cards in Uno all wild?

A standard Uno deck contains 108 cards. An Uno all wild deck would contain a higher percentage of wild cards, around 50-75% of the 108 card total.

How do you play all wild Uno?

You play all wild Uno the same as standard Uno, but with more frequent wild card effects coming into play. Match and discard cards, and follow the effects of Draw Twos, Reverses, Skips and Wild Draw Fours as they are played. Strategic use of wild cards is key!

When did Uno all wild come out?

Specialty versions of Uno featuring more wild cards have been produced over the years, but an “Uno All Wild” deck has not been officially released as its own distinct product by Mattel, who owns the Uno brand. Some players create homemade all-wild decks using standard Uno cards.

Can I play a wild card even if I have a matching colored card?

You can only play wild cards when you do not have a matching colored card in your hand to play according to the rules. Playing a wild card when you have the matching color allows the next player to challenge your play.

What happens if my wild card play is challenged?

If the next player challenges your wild card play and it is determined that you did, in fact have the matching colored card, the effect of the wild card shifts to you. So if you played a Draw Two, you would have to draw two cards instead of the next player. You must then also take your turn and play a legal card.

What are the point values of the wild cards?

Wild cards do not have any point values in Uno. They are special cards that introduce effects and do not contribute any points for the purpose of winning the game. The points in Uno come only from the numbered cards a player has left in their hand when another player goes out.

Does a wild card match another wild card?

No. Wild cards do not match one another. Each wild card specifies the type of colored card it is able to substitute for, and that does not include other wild cards. After a wild card is put down, the succeeding player is required to match the colored card that is below the wild card in the discard pile.

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