Dirty UNO Rules And Strip UNO (Adult UNO Varialtions Ideas And Cards)

Dirty Uno is a variation of the classic card game Uno that incorporates 112 uno cards and an instructions card, a pack of UNO cards, and 4 custom 2-shot glasses. With adult or risqué elements, often involving drinking games, truth or dare challenges, and more. While specific dirty uno rules can vary, the basic idea is to add a “dirty” or grown-up party with the traditional Uno gameplay.

Dirty Uno Card Game
Dirty UNO Rules And Strip UNO (Adult UNO Varialtions Ideas And Cards) 4

Dirty Uno Card Game

This is an adult UNO version created by a fan and is also known as Jungle UNO, Crazy UNO, or Wild UNO. The deck includes an instructions card, a pack of UNO cards, and 4 custom 2 oz dirty shot glasses. Players might have to perform certain actions or challenges when specific cards are played, leading to a more entertaining and often more adult-oriented game experience. You can buy UNO Cards from Amazon.com.

The adult UNO Versions are designed for mature audiences and typically add a fun and spicy element to the game night. Dirty Uno is a creative way to enjoy the classic game with a twist, making it more engaging for adult players looking for a lighthearted and unconventional game night experience.

Dirty Uno Rules

Dirty UNO is a variation of the classic UNO card game with adult and wild actions. Here’s a step-by-step guide to playing Dirty UNO and other adult uno versions:

Dirty Uno Rules
Dirty UNO Rules And Strip UNO (Adult UNO Varialtions Ideas And Cards) 5

Spicy, Strip, Dirty And All Adult Uno Rules

Spicy UNO, Dirty UNO, Strip UNO and all other Adult versions of UNO follow the same rules as traditional UNO games, but the difference is about the game theme; in Dirty UNO, players do some adult actions. In contrast, in Strip Uno, players do some strip actions like stripping any piece of clothes, etc., and in Spicy Uno, players play some adult actions to make the game more spicy. All rules about these adult versions of uno are discussed below.

How to Play Dirty UNO

To play dirty UNO, you can follow the traditional UNO rules; these rules are the same for every version of uno: same for spicy uno, strip uno, and any other versions. First, you have to decide the dealer to shuffle and deal cards to all players; the dealer mixes all the cards properly and gives each player seven cards and places all the remaining cards on the table in the center in front of the players.

To start your turn, pick the top card from the remaining cards on the table and match it with the cards in your hand either by colour, symbol or actions and play the cards, the game continues, and all players play cards and if any player can not have the matching card his turn ends and the next player plays.

When you have only one card left in your hands, you must call UNO! Loudly to ensure you are playing your last card, and if you forget to say UNO and another player sees you doing it, you must draw 2 cards as a penalty.


The first player to play all their cards shouts “UNO!” first wins the round, and the game ends where it reaches 500 points, and the player with the lowest points wins the game. You count points from the remaining players’ hands, and the first to reach a 500 score wins.

These are some of the rules about cards and gameplay in dirty uno:

  • Players take turns in clockwise order.
  • Play a card that matches the top card’s color or number.
  • Special cards like “Draw Two,” “Reverse,” and “Skip” have their usual effects.
  • “Wild” cards allow you to change the color or challenge other players.
  • Seven (7): The player who plays a Seven card of the current active color can trade hands with any other player.
  • Zero (0): When a 0 card is played, the player who played it may swap hands with another player.
  • Wild Card: Whenever a wild card is played, it becomes a social drink, meaning everyone takes one.
  • Draw Cards: Whenever a player has to draw a card, they take a drink.
  • When a “7” of any color is played, the player can trade hands with any opponent.
  • Playing a “0” card forces all players to pass their hand to the next player in clockwise order.
  • “The receiving player can challenge Wild Draw Four” cards. If the challenger was wrong, they draw four cards instead.

To add even more variety, some versions like “Spicy Uno” introduce additional rules, such as raising a finger instead of saying “Uno” or incorporating drinking penalties.

Strip UNO Rules and Cards

Strip Uno is a variation of the classic card game Uno with an adult twist (an adult rules change is simple). In Strip Uno, players follow rules that can lead to removing clothing as a penalty or dare. Following a hand victory, the winner holds the power to select a player of their choice to strip off a piece of clothing. Here are the rules for Strip Uno:

  1. Basic Uno Rules Apply: Play Uno with the regular rules, such as matching colors and numbers.
  2. Penalties for Failing to Match Cards: Failing to match cards (color or number) and being required to draw cards from the deck can result in a penalty for the player.
  3. Penalties Result in Clothing Removal: The penalty for failing to match cards can involve removing an article of clothing. The exact guidelines for when and how this penalty is implemented may vary according to the house rules.
  4. Optional Truth or Dare Element: Some variations of Strip Uno include a truth or dare element where, in addition to removing clothing, players may be required to perform dares or answer personal questions as part of the game’s penalty system.
  5. Play Continues Until Someone Wins: The game continues until one player successfully empties their hand and wins the game. At this point, the other players may have to remove clothing as a penalty.
  6. Variations and House Rules: As with many adult-oriented games, the rules can be adapted to suit the preferences and comfort levels of the players. Strip uno house rules may vary, and ensuring that all participants are willing and comfortable with the game’s activities is essential.

It’s important to note that Strip Uno Cards is intended for mature audiences and should be played consensually among adults. Participants should familiarize themselves with the rules and potential consequences before participating in the game. Please be aware that Strip Uno can be a sensitive and intimate game, so it’s crucial to prioritize the comfort and boundaries of all players involved.

Dirty Uno Cards

“Dirty Uno” refers to various adult-themed versions or variations of the classic card game UNO. These versions introduce adult or mature content and rules to the traditional game. The game might involve unique cards, actions, or themes that are meant for a more mature audience. Some Dirty Uno sets come with shot glasses and special instructions to make the game more engaging.

Dirty Uno Cards
Dirty UNO Rules And Strip UNO (Adult UNO Varialtions Ideas And Cards) 6

Traditional Uno decks typically contain 108 cards of four colors (red, blue, green, and yellow), each with numbers from 0 to 9, and special action cards like Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two. If “Dirty Uno” follows a similar structure, it likely has the same 108 cards. To confirm the exact number of cards in “Dirty Uno,” you might need to refer to the official rules or sources specific to that variant.

Dirty Uno Cards Rules

Remember, Dirty Uno is meant for mature players comfortable with alcohol-related rules. Before starting the game, clarify the specific rules with your group. Always drink responsibly.

  • Wonkavator offers a variation where players can name their own rules, making the game more interesting and unpredictable.
  • In Psycho Uno, the “69” rule allows playing a 6 or 9 card of any color on a matching 6 or 9, and the player can change the color.
  • DIRTY UNO rule involves trading hands when a 7 card of the current active color is played.
  • In Dirty Uno, players must shout “UNO!” when they have one card left; failure to do so before the next player’s turn results in drawing extra cards.
  • Spicy Uno includes slapping the deck when a 6 is played and maintaining silence when a 7 is played.
  • Uno House Rules vary; standard cards require matching color and number.

It’s important to note that Dirty Uno is not an official version of UNO produced by Mattel, the game’s original creator. Instead, it’s a creative modification developed by individuals or small businesses to provide a more adult-oriented card-playing experience.

Dirty Uno Ideas

For example, in a “Dirty Uno” game, players might have to take a drink, perform a dare, or remove an article of clothing based on the card played. While there aren’t universally standardized rules for Dirty Uno, players often create unique sets of rules to make the game more exciting and entertaining. Remember, these variations are intended for mature audiences and should be played consensually and responsibly.

Dirty Uno Vs Spicy Uno

  • Both games incorporate “risqué” or suggestive prompt cards into the traditional UNO deck to add an extra layer of fun and embarrassment. Things like “take a shot” or “show what you’re wearing under your clothes” get players engaging in naughty dares and antics.
  • However, Dirty UNO decks focus more on alcohol-based challenges, while Spicy UNO Rules leans into sexy dares without necessarily involving drinking.
  • The art style on the cards is also a bit different – Dirty UNO tends towards cruder humor and illustrations, while Spicy UNO keeps things a touch more tasteful yet still titillating.
  • Ultimately they both achieve adding an adult twist to the classic game through risqué prompts. But Spicy UNO seems geared more towards play among couples looking to spice up the game night, while Dirty UNO is more for rowdy groups drinking and carrying on.

UNO online

If you’re looking to play UNO online, you have a few options:

  • Four Colors | Like UNO (Online) is a multiplayer game similar to UNO, available on crazygames.com.
  • Uno Online is available to play on SolitaireParadise.com.
  • DIRTY UNO rules can also be implemented in online UNO games, allowing players to trade hands and apply additional twists.


Dirty Uno is a playful and often adult-themed variant of the classic card game Uno. It combines elements of Strip Poker, drinking games, and truth or dare to create a unique and social experience. In Dirty Uno, players follow modified rules involving taking drinks, performing dares, or removing clothing based on the cards played. You can buy UNO At Amazon.com.


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What’s the “reverse” rule in Dirty Uno?

The “reverse” rule means that things switch counterclockwise instead of play proceeding in a clockwise direction! This keeps everyone on their toes and ensures no one is safe from the consequences of a card draw.

Is there a “skip” rule in Dirty Uno?

Indeed, the “skip” rule allows for even more mischief. Drawing a skip card means nominating another player to take a sexy forfeit or dare in your stead! It gives an easy out but also passes the heat to an unexpected friend.

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