All Uno Cards Meaning With Pictures

UNO is the classic shedding-type card game with 112 cards, introduced by Mattel for kids and families. The game involves matching and getting rid of the cards from your hands by matching them with the color symbol, or numbers on the cards. To determine the winner of the game, the person who played all his cards and emptied his hands first wins the round.

UNO Card Game
UNO Card Game

The game is based on multiple rounds and the game ends when it reaches 500 points, where the points are calculated by collecting the cards from the remaining player’s hands when one person played all his cards. The first person to finish with 500 points becomes the winner of the game, and all players with the lowest score lose.

Uno game cards
All Uno Cards Meaning With Pictures 13

All UNO Cards Meaning (UNO Cards Rules)

UNO has 108 cards in traditional Uno and 112 cards in current uno with the four additional cards, including 75 numbered cards in 4 colors and and action cards such as Draw 2, Draw 4, Skip, Reverse, and Wild cards. There are many variations and themes of UNO, such as UNO FlipUNO Attack, UNO Minecraft, etc. You can buy UNO Cards from

Uno Cards Meaning
All Uno Cards Meaning With Pictures 14

UNO Special Cards

Here are some special cards in Uno:

  • Reverse card: The reverse card changes the game and direction of play, allowing the next person to skip his turn. If any person plays a reverse card as your last card, can win the game without taking another card.
  • Skip card: The Skip card makes the next player miss their turn and play goes as usual. There are two of each red, yellow, green, and blue skip cards.
  • Draw 2 card: The draw 2 card makes the next person draw two cards and miss his turn in play. You can only play a draw two cards on a card that matches by color, or on another draw 2 card.
  • Wild card: The wild cards are special cards that give the player the ability to change the color of play and choose his favorite color to continue the play.
  • Wild Draw 4 card: The draw 4 card makes the next player draw four cards and end his turns while containing the cards in his hands.
  • Wild Shuffle Hands card: This is the additional card in Uno that is available in a few versions and can be placed on top of any colored card on the discard pile and makes the players shuffle their hands.
  • Wild Customizable card: This card is also called a blank card where players can add their own rules by writing them on it.

Uno Card Meanings With Pictures

Uno Number Cards

Number cards are the basic cards of Uno. The Uno deck includes 76 number cards in total, separated evenly between four colors – red, green, blue, and yellow. Each color has cards numbered 0 to 9. These are your basic cards for matching the number or the color of the discard pile. Players can play these cards by matching them with the colors or numbers written on them and the play continues as normal.

Uno Attack Numbered Cards
All Uno Cards Meaning With Pictures 15

Uno Reverse Card

Uno Reverse Card

The Reverse card is a special action card in Uno that changes the order of play and has two arrows in alternative directions that show the reverse symbol. In Uno, When someone play a reverse card and the direction of play is switches and changed into reverse persons and continue to next. The Reverse cards turn the game from clockwise to counterclockwise or vice versa whenever they are played. The

Uno Skip Card

Uno Skip Card

The skip card is the special card in UNO that allow the person who is playing the card to skip his turn and the next person continues to play. When you play it, the next player in line gets completely skipped over, losing their turn. Skip cards are in four colors and have a circle cutted from centre by a line on them, You can save these cards and play them whenever you has no playable card to avoid getting stuffed in play.

Uno Draw Two Card

All Uno Cards Meaning With Pictures

The draw two card also called plus two card has a symbol of +2 on both corners and two cards in center. The +2 card card forces the next person to draw not one but two extra cards from the pile and forfeits their turn. When any player uses the draw 2 card in uno he can play two cards from draw pile instead of one, his turn ends, and the next player proceeds as usual game continues to next person.

Uno Wild Card

Uno Wild Card

The wild card is a special action card in Uno that has four colors in a circle with a triangle form on them. When any player uses this card, he can choose the color that resumes the play. The wild cards can be played by players any time even if they have other playable cards in their hand and in case, if a player doesn’t have a matching card in their hands, they can pick a new card and save their wild card for later use. 

Uno Wild Draw Four Card

Uno Wild Draw Four Card

The Wild draw four card, also known as plus four card is a special card in UNO that allows players to draw and pick four cards at the same time in a single turn. When you play wild draw 4 card, your turn ends and the next player draws four cards and loses their turn and the game proceeds to next tand you get to pick the new color!

To play a +4 card, the player must make sure that they don’t have any cards in their hand that have the same color as the card that’s currently on top of the discard pile. They can choose any color that they want to continue playing and can attach any color to the card as well. However, if the player has a card in their hand that has the same color as the card at the top of the discard pile, they cannot play a Wild Draw Four card.

Uno Additional Cards

There are some additional cards in uno like wild shuffle hands, wild customizable, and wild swap hands card.

Wild Shuffle Hands Card

The Wild Shuffle Hands card is one of the four “Wild” cards in Uno that has a shuffling hands card sign on it and players can use this card to collect every card from each player’s hand. When the shuffle hands card is played the dealers must collect the cards from all palers hands and again shuffle them together and then deal back to each player starting from the player on the left of the one who played the card.

uno wild shuffle hands
All Uno Cards Meaning With Pictures 16

The dealer continues to deal with the cards until there are no cards left and if they pick up the Shuffle Hands card in the beginning of a round, the person on the left of the dealer gets the option to choose the color that begins play.

Wild Swap Hands Card

The Wild Swap Hands card in the Uno deck is a powerful card that allows the player to swap hands with any opponent and exchange all your cards with them. To play the Wild Swap Hands card, the player can choose any opponent to swap hands with and swap all the cards in their hand with all the cards in their opponent’s hand and choose the color that resumes play.

UNO Swap Hands Card
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These cards have no color but have swapping hands signs on them, and are worth 40 points each. They can be played on top of any card and allow you to choose the next card’s color to be played while swapping your hand with any other player’s hand. If you have a Wild Swap Hands card, you can select any card and say “the color name” as the next color, to proceed to exchanging hands with another player.


Wild Customizable

Wild Customizable Cards are also known as the blank cards available in the Uno card game that allow players to create their own “house rules”. These cards are not included in Uno decks made before 2018, but after they are added to allow players to use them when they need their additional rules to add to the play.

uno wild blank card
uno wild blank card

These cards have no color and a blank space where you can write your own rules with a permanent marker before the game starts. They can be played on top of any card. They allow you to choose the color of the next card to be played and apply your own rule that you wrote on the card. The Uno deck includes three Wild Customizable Cards, which are blank for players to write down their house rules and proceed the play according.

Here are some ideas for using these blank Cards:

  • Copycat: This rule allows a player to copy the last card placed.
  • Steal turn: This rule can be used at any time to steal someone’s turn and continue their rotation.
  • Disarm all wildcards: This rule requires all players to discard any wildcards in their hands.
  • Gem of true sight: This rule allows a player to select another person for a special action.

Uno Cards Scoring Points

Each player draws cards, and the player who scores 500 points first and the player with the highest car value points is the winner of the game.

  • Uno numbered cards – Face value points.
  • Draw 2 cards – 20 value points
  • Reverse card – 20 value points
  • Skip card – 20 value points
  • Wild card – 50 value points
  • Wild Draw 4 cards – 50 value points
  • Wild Shuffle Hands card – 40 value points
  • Wild Customizable card – 40 value points

Uno Variations Explained

Uno how many cards to start the game?

Each player gets 7 cards at the beginning of a UNO game as uno starting cards. The dealer deals 7 cards face down to each person, including themselves and players then take turns going clockwise around the circle.

What is the 7 card in Uno?

The 7 card in Uno is just a regular number card that can be played when the top card is a 7 or any card of the same color.

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