The Red Flags Fairy Tale Rules And Cards

Red Flags Fairy Tale is a popular expansion pack for the adult party game Red Flags. In this game, players attempt to convince their friends to go on bad dates. In Fairy Tale red flags you can get 75 new expansion cards for the adult party game Red Flags The Game of Terrible Dates.

Fairy Tale Red 
The Red Flags Fairy Tale Rules And Cards 3

Red Flags Fairy Tale Rules

The goal is to use Perk cards to create the best date for “The Single,” who serves as the judge for each round. However, players can also play Red Flags (bad traits) to disrupt another player’s date.

Red Flags Fairy Tale Cards

The Red Flags Fairy Tale expansion features 75 perks and red flags to shuffle into your deck of Red Flag cards. However, it depends on the Red Flags main game to take place. 

How to Play the Red Flags Fairy Tale Card Game

The game kicks off with each player to the judge’s left laying out two white perk cards to come up with the date. Then, red cards are introduced, starting with the player left to the judge, who will pick up a red flag card to play on that date. This continues around the table until all dates have a red flag.

The Red Flags Fairy Tale Rules And Cards
The Red Flags Fairy Tale Rules And Cards 4

Playing Cards

The players can draw back up to four perks and three red flags after each round, then discard their hands and start a new round. When a player plays a card with a blank, they fill it in with anything they want.  The player to the judge’s left picks a red flag card to play on the date of the player to their left, continuing around the table.


The game consists of four rounds, with each player receiving five cards at the beginning of each round. In the final term of the game, the cards are scored, and the numerical value displayed in the upper left corner indicates how much they’re worth. For example, a “Fairy Tale Chapter Four” is worth nine points at the end of the game, but only if you get three red cards the same.

Raising Argue

Players argue about why the single should pick their character over the others. For example, “You should choose my date because they’re the best looking person in the world, but perhaps you didn’t realize that you can only eat out of somebody else’s hand.”


The judge chooses the least offensive date to be in a relationship with, and the player takes the red flag as a point. The first player with seven points wins or plays until none of the players wants to go on a date again.

The humor in the game comes from the combination of date cards and red flags, as well as the debates that ensue. Players can get creative and come up with crazy combinations to win the judge’s favor.

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