Nerdy/Nerdier Red Flags Rules and Cards

Nerdier Red Flags is an expansion pack for the popular card game Red Flags, designed for nerdy people. The expansion pack adds 75 nerdy references to the game’s dating prospects, making it perfect for parties and adult game nights.

Nerdier Red Flags
Nerdy/Nerdier Red Flags Rules and Cards 3

Nerdy Red Flags vs Nerdier Red Flags

“Nerdy Red Flags” is an expansion of the adult party game “Red Flags”. On the other hand, “Nerdier Red Flags” is also an expansion of “Red Flags” but with 75 more nerd-themed cards. “Nerdy Red Flags” introduces 75 nerdy perks and red flags to the game, such as owning real Pokemon or being a favorite Doctor.”

Nerdier Red Flags Rules

The game is played with a group of people, with each round having one “single” player who acts as the judge for the round. The matchmakers, who are the remaining players, choose two perk cards from their hand to set the single up with the best date, then take turns reading them out loud.

Nerdier Red Flags Rules
Nerdy/Nerdier Red Flags Rules and Cards 4

After all the cards are flipped over, the matchmakers select a red flag card from their hand to play on the player’s left hand, one at a time. The red flags are used to sabotage another player’s date. The player who has been on the most dates is a good first-time single.

Once the single chooses a date, the player to the left becomes the new single, and the player to the left plays a red flag on the player to their left. The game continues until one player reaches seven points.

How to Play Nerdier Red Flags Card Game

To play Nerdier Red Flags, pick a player to be the single, and everyone else takes four points and three red flags. After all the perks are read, each player plays a red flag on the player to their left. The single must assume that they can date this person long term. The player to the left becomes the new single, and the first player with seven points wins.


At the start of each round, the judge does not make a date, and players starting with the judge’s left play two white perk cards to make up the date. The player to the judge’s left picks a red flag card to play on the date of the player to their left. This continues around the table until all dates have a red flag.

After each round, all players discard their hands, draw back up to four perks and three red flags, and start a new round. The player who played the red card gets to keep that red card as a marker, like a tracker of points. 

Shorter Play

For a short game, play twice around the table. For a longer game, say that the first player to seven points wins. Nerdier Red Flags is an exciting expansion pack that adds a fun nerdy twist to the game Red Flags, making it perfect for nerdy people.

Winning the game

To win Nerdier Red Flags, players must accumulate seven points by successfully setting up the best date for the “Single” player and sabotaging the dates of the other players. 


When a player’s date is picked by a single player and when a player successfully plays a red flag card on another player’s date, they will get points. The game can be played for a short duration by playing twice around the table, or for a more extended period by setting the goal to seven points.

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