The UNO Party Rules and Cards

Uno Party is the party version of the traditional Uno card game. The game features larger cards, wild cards, action cards, and other elements designed to make Uno more exciting for casual gameplay in social settings.

How to Play Uno Party

The number of players for Uno Party can range from 3 to 10. Players can deal 7 cards initially and place the remaining deck face down to form the draw pile.

Uno Party Instructions
Uno Party Instructions
  • Select the dealer to shuffle the cards and deal 7 cards to each player and put down all the remaining cards deck face down to form the draw pile and the player to the left of the dealer plays first, you can also select any player to start the game.
  • On every player turn, he can play cards by matching the color or number and If he has no matching card, draw from the deck until you can play a card, you can draw a card from the draw pile or your turn finishes.
  • The first player to discard all his cards win the round and the next round begins. The game ends when any player reached 500 points of the cards, wins the game.
Uno Party Uno Card Game
Uno Party Uno Card Game

Uno Party Components and Setups

The Uno Party cards set includes 108 cards consisting of:

  • Number cards from 0 to 9 in four colors – red, blue, yellow, and green
  • Draw two, skip and reverse cards
  • Wild and wild draw four cards
  • Action cards like make it blue, change color, stack draw, etc.

Uno Party Cards

Uno Party cards include numbers 0 to 9 in four colors, action, and wild cards. The action and wild cards allow players to change the turn order, draw extra cards, or skip other players.

Uno Party Cards
Uno Party Cards

The basic Uno cards have the same meaning but action cards introduce new gameplay elements:

  • Wild card – You choose the next color to play
  • Wild draw 4- You choose a color and the next player draws 4 cards
  • Make it blue – Changes the color to blue for the next turn
  • Draw 2 – Next player draws 2 cards
  • Skip – Skips the next player’s turn
  • Reverse – Turn order is reversed

Uno Party Cards Meaning

Here are explanations of the major Uno Party card meanings and their roles in the game:

Uno Party Cards Meanings
The UNO Party Rules and Cards 6

Number Cards (0-9)

These are the basic cards that players match to keep their turn. They match the previous card played by color or number. Players must match by color first, then by number if possible.

Wild Cards

Wild cards can be played at any time and allow the next player to choose the new color for the rest of the turn. This can change the course of the game.

Wild Draw 4 Card

Similar to a wild card but the next player must also draw 4 cards from the draw pile in addition to choosing the new color. This is a powerful card to disrupt other players.

Make it Blue

This action card forces the next turn to be played using blue cards only. It gives the player who plays this card more options to match the next turn.

Skip Card

The skip card forces the next player in turn order to miss their turn. This allows the current player to continue playing and discarding cards.

Reverse Card

The reverse card switches the direction of play, so the turn order goes counter-clockwise instead of clockwise. This disrupts the normal flow of the game.

Draw 2 Card

The next player in turn order must draw 2 cards from the draw pile after this card is played. It punishes the next player and gives the current player another turn.

Uno Party Rules

Basic rules are the same as standard Uno but there are some key differences:

Uno Party Rules
The UNO Party Rules and Cards 7
  • Players take turns clockwise placing a card of the same color or number
  • If you cannot play, draw until you can play a card
  • Action cards trigger their effects immediately
  • The first player to discard all cards wins
  • Players can only have 7 cards in hand at anytime
  • When a wild card is played, the next player chooses the color
  • Shouting UNO before playing your last card grants you an extra turn if someone makes you draw

Standard Rules

  • Players take turns clockwise placing a card of the same color or number as the card previously played.
  • If a player cannot play a card, they must draw from the deck until they get a playable card
  • The first player to discard all their 7 cards wins

Action Cards

  • Reverse: The direction of play switches
  • Skip: The next player in turn order is skipped
  • Draw 2: The next player draws 2 cards and forfeits their turn
  • Wild Card: The player who placed the Wild card chooses the next color to be played. All players must then follow suit.

House Rules

  • No 7’s: When a 7 is drawn, the next player misses their turn
  • Stacked Draws: Draw cards are cumulative. So if a Draw 2 is played, then a Draw 4 later – the next player draws 6 cards.
  • Chaining Draws: Players can play a Draw card on another Draw card that hasn’t been resolved yet, causing the next player to draw even more.
  • Shout UNO: If a player shouts “UNO” before playing their last card and is wrong, they draw 4 cards as a penalty.
  • Players can only hold 9 cards maximum (including draw cards) to keep the game moving.

Uno party ideas for adults

Some fun Uno Party ideas for adults include adding drinking rules, using chips as bids or fines, giving prizes for the winner, and adding time limits to keep the game moving fast. You can also make it more social by allowing side conversations during other players’ turns.

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How do you play Uno party card game?

Players take turns placing a card of the same color or number. Draw if you have no play. Action cards trigger effects. The first to discard all 7 cards wins.

Is Uno a good party game?

Yes, Uno is a fast-paced, social game that accommodates 2 to 10+ players. It’s simple enough for kids but engaging for adults. Uno has action cards to mix things up.

How many people can play Uno party?

Uno can accommodate from 2 to 10 or more players at a time. The more players, the merrier and faster the game becomes at a party.

How do you make Uno interesting?

To make Uno more interesting add some fun house rules like stacking draw cards, no wilds, and remove sevens and jokers for variety. Try team, speed, or black card variations to mix things up.

Can you play Uno with more than 4 players?

Yes! Uno works well for large groups, especially at parties with 5 to 10 or more players. Extra decks may be needed for more than 10.

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