Uno Blast Rules And Cards

Uno Blast is a fun, explosions card game based on the classic game Uno. It adds some exciting new elements like chain reactions and explosions to amp up the action! However, Learning the uno blast rules is easy – here is a complete guide to how to play uno blast.

Uno Blast is a variation of the popular card game Uno. It was released in 2002 by Mattel and adds some new twists to the classic gameplay. Like standard Uno, the aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards before your opponents. You do this by matching cards by color or number and using special action cards to mix things up.

Uno Blast Card Game
Uno Blast Card Game

The big difference in Uno Blast is the addition of chain reactions and explosions caused by “Blast” cards. These can really shake up the game and cause people to lose a bunch of cards all at once! It makes for faster, more chaotic gameplay than the original Uno. But the basic rules are still easy to pick up.

Uno Blast Setup

To set up a game of Uno Blast, you need the following components:

  • Uno Blast deck of 112 cards
  • 4 rocket cards
  • 4 rocket stands
  • Uno Blast Instructions

The deck contains numbered cards (0-9) in 4 colors – red, blue, green and yellow. There are also special action cards:

  • Skip – skip the next player’s turn
  • Reverse – reverse the direction of play
  • Wild – change the color in play
  • Draw 2 – next player draws 2 cards
  • Blast – causes an explosion (more on this later!)

How to play Uno Blast

To begin, shuffle the cards and deal 7 to each player. Place the remaining cards face down to form a draw pile. Turn over the first card from the draw pile to begin the discard pile. If it is not an action card, the play starts with the player to the dealer’s left. If it is an action card, its effects apply to the first player. Each player places their rocket card near them and inserts their rocket stands. The rocket cards will be used to track points during the game.

Uno Blast Cards

Uno Blast uses the same basic card deck as classic Uno, with the addition of exciting Blast cards. Here’s an overview of the card types:

Uno Blast Cards
Uno Blast Cards

Numbered cards (0-9)

These make up most of the deck. They come in 4 colors – red, blue, green and yellow. To play a numbered card, it just needs to match the discard pile in color or number.


When played, this causes the next player to lose their turn.


Reverses the direction of play.

Draw 2

When a Draw 2 is played, the next player must draw 2 cards from the deck and lose their turn. If turned up at the start, the first player draws 2.


A Wild card can be played on any discard pile, regardless of color. The player declares a new color that must be matched.

Wild Draw 4

This acts like a Wild but also makes the next player draw 4 cards from the deck. They also lose their turn.

Blast Card

These are the signature cards in Uno Blast. Playing a Blast card causes an “explosion” – the next player draws cards until revealing a non-action card. This could result in them drawing many cards!

When a Blast card is turned up from the deck at the start of play, every player is affected by the explosion.

Blast cards add an element of risk and surprise that shakes up the classic Uno gameplay. Players never know when an explosion will hit and have to strategize around avoiding these chain reactions.

Uno Blast Rules

Uno Blast follows most of the same rules as classic Uno. The object is still to empty your hand before your opponents.

Uno Blast Rules
Uno Blast Rules

On your turn, you must match the top card on the discard pile either by number or color. For example, a red 7 can be matched with any other red card or any other 7. If you can’t match, you must draw a card from the deck. Play continues clockwise.

You can also choose to play an action card:

  • Reverse reverses the direction of play
  • Skip causes the next player to lose their turn
  • Draw 2 forces the next player to draw 2 cards
  • Wild lets you change the color in play
  • Wild Draw 4 works like Wild but also makes the next player draw 4
  • Blast triggers an explosion causing chain reactions (see below)

Special rules in Uno Blast

  • When playing a Wild card, you must declare “wild” when placing it.
  • To play a Wild Draw 4, you must declare “wild draw 4” beforehand.
  • You can only play a Wild Draw 4 if you don’t have a matching card by color or number. If caught with an unused match, you must draw 4 cards instead!
  • You must say “Uno” when down to your final card. If you don’t and are caught, you must draw 2 cards.
  • If the deck runs out mid-game, reshuffle discarded cards to make a new deck.

Blast Card Rules

The unique Blast cards shake up the gameplay. Here’s how they work:

  • When you play a Blast card, the next player draws cards until revealing a non-action card.
  • This causes a chain reaction or “explosion” as players rapidly draw cards.
  • If an action card (Reverse, Skip etc) is drawn, its effects apply as normal but the explosion continues.
  • Even if a Wild card is drawn, it only stops the reaction if the player declares a color.
  • The explosion finally ends when a numbered card is drawn.
  • If a Blast card is turned up to start the discard pile, the explosion affects all players, starting with the first player.

Whenever cards are drawn due to a Blast explosion, they are taken from the top of the deck. Players do not lose their turn after drawing Blast cards – play continues normally after the explosion ends.

The strategy is carefully using Blasts to make opponents draw extra cards while avoiding setting off a chain reaction yourself!

Uno Blast Scoring Points

  • During the game, players use their rocket cards to track points earned:
  • You score 1 point for playing a numbered card. Move your rocket up 1 space.
  • Action cards are worth no points.
  • If you cause another player to draw cards, either by a Draw 2, Wild Draw 4 or Blast, you earn 1 point per card they drew.
  • When you empty your hand, you get 7 points. First player to 50 points wins!

Uno Blast Strategies

Like classic Uno, doing well at Uno Blast requires some tactics:

  • Try to match by number if you can – this allows you to earn a point. Save color matches for when you can’t match numbers.
  • Use action cards strategically to force opponents to draw cards or skip their turns.
  • Save any Wild and Wild Draw 4 cards until really needed so you can earn the most points.
  • Be careful playing Blasts. Don’t set off a chain reaction if you have few cards yourself!
  • Towards the end of your hand, start matching colors to conserve number matches for bigger points.
  • When down to one card, try to go out on a Blast! This can earn you lots of points if your opponent has many cards.
  • Uno Blast adds a fun new level of strategy on top of the classic Uno gameplay. The element of risk and explosions keeps everyone on their toes!

Uno Blast vs Uno Attack

Uno Attack is another variation of Uno that also has chain reaction cards called “Attack” cards. The main differences between Uno Blast and Uno Attack are In Uno Attack, the Attack cards cause the next player to keep drawing until they get the same colored card. In Uno Blast, the Blast card reactions stop when any non-action card is revealed.

Uno Attack has players use “shields” to deflect Attack cards played against them. Uno Blast does not use shields. The deck makeup differs slightly – Uno Attack has more Attack cards compared to the number of Blast cards in Uno Blast. Uno Attack is designed for 2-4 players where 2-6 players can play Uno Blast.

So in summary, both games have chain reaction cards but Uno Blast offers a faster, more unpredictable gameplay experience. The two games follow slightly different rules around how the chain reactions work.

Uno Blast Manual

The Uno Blast game includes an instruction manual that explains the complete rules. The manual includes:

  • Game contents – list of all 112 cards, rocket scoring pieces, etc.
  • The objective of the game
  • Rules for dealing cards and setting up
  • Detailed explanations of each card type
  • Rules for playing cards and turns
  • Explanations of the Blast card reactions
  • Scoring rules
  • Rules for 2-player games
  • Variant rules – using customizable wild cards, playing with 7 cards, etc.

The manual makes it easy for new players to learn the game. It also serves as a reference for reviewing rules questions during the game.

Versions Of Uno


Uno Blast breathes new life into the timeless card game Uno. The addition of Blast cards and explosions shakes things up and keeps games fast-paced and exciting. But the rules are easy to learn based on the original Uno.

With a standard deck of Uno cards plus the added Blast cards, some rocket scoring pieces and 2-4 players, you’ve got everything you need for a fun game night. Just watch out for those Blasts! With a little practice, you’ll be launching into Uno Blast chaos in no time.

Should You Buy Uno Blast?

I think Uno Blast is more appealing than standard Uno for game nights with friends or family. The explosions from the Blast cards create funny moments when someone unexpectedly has to draw 10+ cards. It’s also beginner-friendly since the basic gameplay is the same as normal Uno. Visit Amazon If you like to buy it now.



How do you play Uno Blast?

Uno Blast is played with similar rules to classic Uno. The aim is to empty your hand by matching cards of the same number or color. New Blast cards trigger explosions causing opponents to rapidly draw cards.

What does the Uno attack do?

Uno Attack is a different Uno variant where “Attack” cards force the next player to keep drawing until revealing a card of that same color. The attacks work differently than the Blast card explosions in Uno Blast.

How many cards are in Uno Blast?

There are 112 cards total in an Uno Blast deck. This includes numbered cards, actions like Skip and Reverse, Wilds, and 16 Blast cards.

When should you yell Uno?

You must yell “Uno!” when you are down to just one card. If you don’t say it and another player catches you, you have to draw two cards.

Can you end Uno with a Draw 4 card?

Yes, you can go out by playing a Wild Draw 4 as your last card if you have no other matches in your hand. However, you must properly declare “Wild Draw 4” first.

What is the 7 card rule in Uno?

If you play a 7 card, you can swap hands with any other player. This optional rule adds extra unpredictability!

What happens if someone yells Uno before me?

Nothing special happens if an opponent declares Uno first. Play just continues normally – you don’t have to draw cards or anything.

What’s the difference between Uno Attack and Uno Extreme?

Uno Extreme is more complex with added game boards, tokens and special abilities. Uno Attack is just a card game variation focused on the chain reaction Attack cards.

What does 2x mean in Uno Attack?

In Uno Attack, a 2x card doubles the effect of the next Attack card played. So if a 2x is followed by a Draw 3 Attack, the next player would actually draw 6 cards.

How many Uno cards should you get?

The standard Uno Blast deck has 112 cards total. This is enough for 2-6 players. For larger groups, getting two decks is recommended so the draw pile doesn’t run out.

What is Uno Attack cards?

UNO Attack is a variation of the classic UNO card game that ramps up the competition with additional action cards. Instead of just matching colors and numbers, UNO Attack introduces cards that can be played to alter the flow of the game or directly impact other players.

What are the rules of Uno Attack?

The basic rules are similar to regular UNO, with the goal of being the first player to discard all cards in your hand. However, UNO Attack adds several new action cards like Skip, Reverse, Draw Two, and Attack. Skip makes the next player miss their turn. Reverse changes the direction of play. Draw Two makes another player pick up that number of cards. Attack directly sends two cards to another player’s hand.

How many cards do you start with in Uno Attack?

Just like regular UNO, each player is dealt seven cards at the beginning of the game in UNO Attack. This initial hand sets the stage for the dramatic actions that will unfold!

What is the draw 4 rule in Uno?

In both regular UNO and UNO Attacks, if a player does not have a matching card to play they must draw from the deck. However, if the Draw Four wild card is played, the next player must pick up four cards instead of the usual one.

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