The UNO Dos Rules And Cards

Uno Dos is a variation of the popular card game Uno that introduces extra chaos with two discard piles. Players can play on either discard pile during their turn which adds another layer of disruption that makes Uno Dos an even crazier version of the classic Uno. To play Uno Dos, each player will get a deck of 8 cards instead of the usual 7. You can buy these dos cards from Amazon.

UNO Dos Card Game

To play UNO Dos, On your turn, you can either match the top card of one of the piles by number or color. Or, you can play one of the special Dos cards from your hand. These wild cards let you swipe the top card from the opposite pile! I know, such a sneaky way to steal good cards from right under people’s noses.

Uno Dos Card Game
Uno Dos Card Game

The Objective of Uno Dos

The goal of Uno Dos Card Game remains the same as the original Uno, to get rid of all your cards first.


A standard Uno deck of 108 cards consisting of:

  • Number cards from 0 to 9 in 4 colors (red, blue, green, yellow)
  • Draw 2 cards
  • Skip cards
  • Reverse cards
  • Wild cards
  • Wild Draw 4 cards

How to Play Uno Dos

How to Play Uno Dos
Uno Dos Gameplay

The gameplay in Uno Dos Card Game is quite similar to the classic Uno, but with a few notable changes. Here are some further clarifications:

  • On your turn, you must play a card that matches either the number or color on one of the two discard piles. You have the option to play on either discard pile.
  • If you don’t have any matching cards in your hand, you’ll need to draw cards from the draw pile until you find a match. Once you have a matching card, play it and your turn will end.
  • In addition to regular cards, there are Wild and Wild Draw 4 cards that allow you to change the color on either discard pile. The next player will then be required to match that new color or number.
  • All other special cards like Draw 2, Reverse, and Skip function in the same way as in classic Uno. They affect the next player in sequence according to their instructions.
  • When the draw pile runs out of cards, shuffle both discard piles together to form a new draw pile. This ensures that gameplay can continue without interruption.
  • The ultimate goal of Uno Dos is still to be the first player to get rid of all their cards. Once all your cards are played, you win!

The major difference in Uno Dos lies in its unique feature – allowing players to choose which discard pile they want to play on. This adds an extra layer of chaos and disruption during gameplay. Players have more freedom but need quick thinking skills to make matches before the discard piles change again! Overall, Uno Dos provides an exciting experience for those who enjoy both randomness and luck found in traditional Uno games.

Uno Dos Cards

Uno Dos is a card game with a deck of cards created by Mattel for the popular card game Uno. Uno Dos decks contain 108 cards, the same number of cards as a standard Uno deck contain. The main difference from a regular Uno deck is that all the cards have two symbols/numbers instead of one. This means each card has two possible uses.

Uno Dos Cards
Uno Dos Cards

The card breakdown is:

  • 19 Blue cards (numbers 0-9, 1 each)
  • 19 Green cards
  • 19 Red cards
  • 19 Yellow cards
  • 8 Draw Two cards (2 each in blue, green, red, and yellow)
  • 8 Reverse cards (2 each in blue, green, red, and yellow)
  • 8 Skip cards (2 each in blue, green, red, and yellow)
  • 4 Wild cards
  • 4 Wild Draw Four cards

Overall the deck composition and total number of 108 cards are the same as a normal Uno game. This allows the Uno Dos deck to be played with 2-10 players just like standard Uno. The only change is the modified gameplay rules that come with Uno Dos to contain dual symbols on each card.

Uno Dos Cards Meanings

Uno Dos Number Cards:

  • 19 Blue cards numbered 0-9, each with two different numbers
  • 19 Green cards numbered 0-9, each with two different numbers
  • 19 Red cards numbered 0-9, each with two different numbers
  • 19 Yellow cards numbered 0-9, each with two different numbers

For example, one blue card might have both a 4 and a 7. Players can choose to play it as either a blue 4 or a blue 7 on their turn.

Uno Dos Action Cards:

  • 8 Draw Two cards – 2 each in blue, green, red and yellow. These work the same as Uno, forcing the next player to draw 2 cards.
  • 8 Reverse cards – 2 each in blue, green, red and yellow. These reverse the direction of play.
  • 8 Skip cards – 2 each in blue, green, red and yellow. When played, the next player is skipped.

Uno Dos Wild Cards:

  • 4 Wild cards – These can be played on any turn, and the player chooses what color it becomes.
  • 4 Wild Draw Four cards – These make the next player draw 4 cards and the current player chooses the color.

The key gameplay mechanism is that the number/symbol duality of the cards gives players more options and flexibility when matching colors and numbers. It also adds an extra layer of strategy in blocking and predicting opponents’ moves.


To set up Uno Dos Card Game, you need a standard Uno deck. Shuffle the cards and deal 7 cards to each player. Place the remaining deck face down – this is the draw pile. Turn over the top two cards of the draw pile to form two discard piles.

In Uno Dos, players can play cards on either discard pile which adds an extra element of chaos and disruption. The Wild and Wild Draw 4 cards still allow players to choose the next color.

Uno Dos Rules

Shuffle the deck and deal 7 cards to each player. The remaining cards form the draw pile, and you flip over the top card to start the discard pile.

Uno Dos Rules
Rules Of UNO Dos

Uno Other Versions


In summary, the Uno Dos variant works as an occasional shake-up of the standard Uno rules. While the extra freedom and chaos can be fun, too much randomness results in a largely luck-based game. Uno Dos should only be used to mix up gameplay on occasion. For a skillful Uno experience, classic rules are preferable. But Uno Dos has a place as an amusing change of pace from time to time!


What is Uno Dos?

Uno Dos is a variation of the Uno card game where on your turn you can either play a matching card or pass and draw 2 cards from the draw pile instead.

What is the objective of Uno Dos?

The objective is the same as Uno – match cards by color or number and be the first player to discard all their cards in their hand, yelling “Dos!” since they have no cards left.

What are the gameplay rules of Uno Dos?

The gameplay is similar to standard Uno except players have the option on their turn to either play a card that matches the color or number of the discard pile, Play an Action card like Draw 2, Skip, or Wild, and Pass and draw 2 cards from the draw pile, then end their turn.

Does Uno Dos use a normal Uno deck?

Yes! Uno Dos uses a standard Uno card deck. No new cards are needed – the variant simply changes one of the options available on a player’s turn.

How does drawing 2 cards change strategy?

It introduces an element of risk/reward. Players must decide if the risk of potentially drawing unusable cards is worth the potential reward of clearing cards from their hands faster.

What happens when a player yells “Dos!”?

It indicates that the player has successfully matched/played all of their cards and has none left, meaning they have won the game. They also win any cards still in the hands of the other players.

What strategy is important in Uno Dos?

Managing the risk/reward of choosing to pass and draw 2 cards instead of playing a matching card. Players must judge when the potential benefits outweigh the possible downsides.

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