The UNO Skip Card

UNO Skip Card

The skip card is a special card in uno that lets you skip the next player’s turn. There are four skip cards in uno with red, blue, green and yellow colors and It has a circle with a slash on it. You can play the skip card on any card as long as it matches the color or number of the previous card. The next player loses their turn and is skip the turn when you play the skip card. You can also play the skip card on another skip card of any color.

UNO Skip Card
Skip Card In UNO

UNO Skip Cards Use

This card is useful when you want to prevent another player from playing or when you want to change the order of the game. Also, a skip card can help you to discard unwanted cards and save important cards for later use. However, it can also backfire, as you may skip a player with a bad hand or give another player a chance to win.

The skip card is used in every version of uno and is one of the most common special cards in the game. If a skip card is the first card of the game, the player to the left of the dealer turns skips, and the player to the left of that player starts the game.

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