You Laugh You Drink Rules And Cards

You Laugh You Drink is a party game in which players take turns picking a target, drawing a card, silently reading the card, and then trying to make their target laugh within 30 seconds. The player who draws the card has 30 seconds to make the target laugh and if the target laughs, they must drink, and the player keeps the card and earns a point.

You Laugh You Drink
You Laugh You Drink Rules And Cards 3

You Laugh You Drink Cards

This game comes with 150 cards that have hilarious prompts that are sure to make you laugh and get tipsy. On your turn, it’s important to do what the card says and not hold back. For everyone else playing, the challenge is to keep a straight face when someone acts out an emotional breakdown while doing some dad dance moves or suddenly starts doing parkour all around you, and if you can’t keep a straight face, bottoms up!

You Laugh You Drink Cards
You Laugh You Drink Rules And Cards 4

You Laugh You Drink Rules

On their turn, players choose someone in the group and draw a card. They should silently read the card to themselves, as the element of surprise is crucial and the players have 30 seconds to make their target laugh.

How to Play You Laugh You Drink

  • The funniest person draws a card first and becomes the Joker and the Joker silently reads the card to themselves.
  • The Joker chooses a target and tells the group that the target is the person they are trying to make laugh.
  • The Joker now has 30 seconds to do whatever is on the card to try his best to make the target laugh and everyone else (including the Joker) is allowed to laugh.
  • If the target laughs, they drink and the Joker keeps the card and gets a point and if the target doesn’t laugh, the Joker drinks, and the target keeps the card and gets a point.
  • The person to the Joker’s left becomes the new Joker and the new Joker draws a new card and picks a new target and the same person cannot be targeted twice in a row!
  • The first person to earn seven points wins the game.

Note: The Joker can always pass on their turn if they don’t want to do what’s on the card and they should take a sip of shame if they choose to pass.

DISCLAIMER: This game is called “You Laugh You Drink” but it can be played with alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, or with no beverage at all and if you choose to play with alcoholic drinks, you should be of legal drinking age (21 years or older) and drink responsibly.

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