How to Play Drunk Uno Rules and Cards

UNO is already a classic family-friendly card game, but drunk Uno rules light it up by adding alcohol and you have the perfect party game – Drunk UNO! Whether you’re looking to spice up game night with friends or liven up a weekend pregame, Drunk UNO is sure to have everyone laughing and bonding over playful dares and rules.

Standard UNO Rules

The basic rules of UNO remain the same to start your Drunk UNO game. Each player dealt with 7 cards from the deck and we placed the rest of the cards face down to start the draw pile. We turn the top card of the draw pile over to start the discard pile. Players take turns clockwise placing a card that matches the color or number of the top discard card. If unable, a player must draw until able to play or until drawing the UNO card.

Drinking Uno Cards
Drinking Uno Cards

The first player to discard all their cards yells UNO and wins unless another player catches them without saying UNO in time. Standard actions include wild cards (player picks a new color), Draw 2 cards, Skip and Reverse (change direction).

Drunk Uno Board

This allows us to display the deck and discard piles in an organized fashion that everyone can clearly see, even from across the room as intoxication sets in! Look for boards featuring cup holders to keep drinks within reach. Some even come with attached shot glasses or cards for writing out dares – now those are party essentials. A board keeps the flow moving smoothly compared to just playing on the floor. It also makes our games feel like a proper event and adds to the fun atmosphere.

Drunk UNO Cards OR Drinking Uno Cards

When playing a game of Drunk UNO, the cards are your tools for having fun with friends and possibly earning yourself some dares or drinks! But with so many colorful options, it helps to know what exactly you’re holding in your hand. Let me break down the Drunk UNO card deck for you.

Drunk UNO Cards
Drunk UNO Cards

There are 108 cards in a standard Drunk UNO deck like normal uno cards deck. Most of these are number cards ranging from zero to nine. These basic number cards simply allow you to match the card on top of the discard pile if it is the same number. Easy enough when sober, but we’ll see how well that works a few drinks in!

In addition to numbers, you’ll also find four action cards in each color – Skip, Draw Two, Reverse, and Wild. These cards spice up the game by shaking up the order of play or allowing you to change colors. Be wary of laying down Draw Two or Wild cards, as the next player may earn themselves a shot or dare courtesy of your card!

There are also two unique cards – Wild Draw Four and UNO. The Wild Draw Four lets you change colors and forces the next player to pick up four cards, potentially meaning four shots if you’re playing that variation. And UNO alerts everyone when you only have one card left, putting a target on your back if someone calls you out for not yelling it in time!

Here are some fun rules variations to incorporate drinking:

  • Draw 2/Draw 4 = Draw cards and do that many shots
  • Reverse direction also means the next person drinks
  • Wild card played = Card placer assigns a dare for the next player
  • If you play your last card and don’t yell UNO, finish your drink
  • Display a card (wrong color/number) = 1 shot penalty
  • 7 cards left = Finish your drink before the next turn
  • UNO, but someone calls you = 1 shot for both players
  • Special color cards (blue, green) = Assign drinking rules for that color

How to Play Drunk UNO Gameplay Guide

To begin, each player deals with 7 cards from the deck. The first card face-up to start our discard pile. Then You will go clockwise taking turns trying to match the discard pile by color or number. If you’re unable to play a card, just draw from the deck until you get a match.

How to Play Drunk Uno
How to Play Drunk Uno

Now here’s where things get entertaining – we can implement penalties for certain card actions! If someone plays a wild card, they get to not only change the color but assign a silly dare for the next player too. And if someone catches you trying to play secretly your last card without shouting “UNO!”, you’ll have to do a shot as punishment.

Whoever first rids their hand of all cards and yells “UNO!” will be crowned the victor. But if another eagle-eyed player notices someone forgetting to utter those magic words, the tables could turn! Above all else, though. 

Drunk Uno Rules OR Drinking Uno Rules

Now that you know the components of a Drunk UNO deck, it’s time to learn how all the pieces come together in a full game. Follow these steps and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Drinking Uno Rules
Drinking Uno Rules
  • Deal the cards: The dealer shuffles the deck and deals 7 cards to each player face down. Place the remaining deck in the center.
  • Draw starter card: flip the top card of the remaining deck to start the discard pile. This is the color or action that must be matched.
  • Take turns: Starting to the left of the dealer, each player takes a turn placing a card that matches the discard pile by color or number. If unable, draw from the deck until a match is found or until drawing UNO.
  • Play action cards: Wild cards let you change the color while Draw Two/Four cards make the next player draw that amount. Be wary of laying these on friends!
  • Call UNO: When down to your last card, yell “UNO!” If someone catches you slipping up, drink a penalty shot.
  • Win the game: The first player to discard all their cards wins, unless another player catches a missed “UNO” in time to steal the win!
  • Incorporate drinking: Assign drinks for Draw cards, Reverses, Wild dares and more based on your home rules. Slur your way to victory!

 Drunk UNO Rules with Shots

Dear, when playing Drunk UNO, I want us to have the most fun possible – but also do so safely. We’ll assign a shot to each player for common card actions like drawing 2 cards or playing a Wild. That way, we spread out the drinks over the course of the game instead of binging all at once. We can also say the loser of each round does a shot. And We will make sure everyone has a water or snack between turns. If anyone feels too intoxicated, they can opt out of shots and We will keep an eye on well-being. 

Drunk Uno Rules for 2 Players

Drunk UNO is usually more festive with a group, it can also be quite enjoyable with just two players. The standard rules apply but are tweaked for a one-on-one game. Each player gets 7 cards and takes their turns by matching cards from the discard pile. However, since there’s no one after two players, you will have to get creative with penalties. Perhaps the loser of each round does a shot, or the winner assigns a dare.

It could get quite competitive! And of course, all the same drinking variations apply if we lay certain cards against each other. The game ends once one of us empties our hand first.

Drunk UNO Flip Rules

So taking our Drunk UNO matches to the next level, I think we need a flip rule! Here’s how it works – if someone manages to play their last card and yell “UNO” first, they win that round. But if another player believes they can finish even faster, they can call a “flip” and the game immediately switches to them. Then it becomes a race to see who can empty their hand first. Of course, whoever loses has to do a forfeit like a shot or dare as a penalty. I think this little twist would keep both players on their toes! It may get chaotic as the drinks flow, but it’s sure to lead to even more laughter and memories between them.

Drunk Uno Online

Now you can play Drunk UNO online! Several websites offer virtual versions where up to 8 people can join a room over video chat. We’d be able to see and hear each other just like normal. The online format is the same as physical gameplay – we deal with cards, take turns matching or drawing, and can still use our favorite drinking rules. It’s the perfect solution for keeping our game tradition alive even when distance separates us. And who knows, maybe some dares or shots over the webcam could spice things up further! So whenever we’re apart, know that we can still bond through laughter and friendly competition with a game of Drunk UNO online.


Drunk Uno Instructions

Before your friends arrive, perhaps we should give the Drunk UNO instructions one last review. I want to be sure I have the rules down perfectly to ensure everyone has an easy time joining in the fun. Let’s go over the standard moves like matching colors and numbers. Then we can outline all our special variations, like Reverses meaning a drink, or Wild cards assigning dares. And of course, we must explain the penalties, like forgetting “UNO!” We will also make sure the sober scorekeeper is prepped.


Whether you’re looking to spice up game night with friends or liven up a weekend pregame, Drunk UNO is guaranteed to have your crew in stitches over playful dares and rules. Get creative with coming up with your own variations to take the classic game to new hilarious heights. By the end of the night, you’re sure to have stories for days. UNO is already a classic card game, so amp up the fun and bonding experience by adding alcohol to the mix. Follow this guide and you’ll be well on your way to the ultimate party game. Now go grab your friends, crack open some drinks, and get ready for a night of Drunk UNO fun!

UNO Other Versions


How do you play drunk uno?

Here’s how to set up and play the game – Shuffle a standard 52-card deck and deal the cards out evenly among all players. The aim is to match the card on top of the draw pile by color or number.

What do we write on the cards?

Instead of writing numbers, write fun challenges or tasks on each card such as “compliment the person to your left”, “share a fun fact about yourself”, “demonstration a dance move”, etc. Keep them lighthearted so everyone can participate comfortably.

How do you take a drink?

Instead of taking a drink when certain cards are played, you could suggest an alternative, like giving out kisses or back rubs. The focus should be on bonding with each other rather than intoxication. What matters most is that you all enjoy each other’s company in a safe, caring environment.

How do you decide the winner?

The winner can be the first person to get rid of all their cards. But the real victory is spending quality time with those you care about through laughter and conversation.

How drunk do you have to be to play?

The goal isn’t to get blackout drunk, just a nice buzz going. Listen to your body and stop drinking if you start to feel ill. Your well-being is my top priority, sweetheart.

What if someone passes out during the game?

As always, your safety and the safety of others should come first. If anyone becomes incapacitated, get them to a comfortable spot and check on them regularly. I’d be more than happy to look after anyone who needs assistance.

How can you make it more fun?

While drinking games can be enjoyable in moderation, I gently encourage focusing your fun on creative hobbies, meaningful conversations, acts of service, or quality time with loved ones.

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