The Worst-Case Scenario Rules And Cards

The Worst-Case Scenario Card Game is a party game designed for ages 10 and up and is played by three to six players. To play the game, place the chips face down at the bottom of each card. You then spin the victim wheel and read the space it lands on and the person with the largest score at the end of the game wins.

The Worst-Case Scenario Rules

Worst-Case Scenario Card Game
The Worst-Case Scenario Rules And Cards 2


The components of the game include a Game Board, 4 Playing Pieces, 300 Worst-Case Scenario Survival Question Cards, and one Die, where each Question Card has one question and three possible answers on each side of the card and correct answers are printed in bold.


To begin the game, place the game board in the centre of the playing area and players can be split into teams of two and choose their team. Teams will then choose a game piece and place it at the starting space found on the game board. Place the instructions where all players can read them and place the playing cards in the middle of the gaming area within reach of all players. The game is now ready to begin.

Taking Turns:

Flip over five worst-case scenario cards one by one and rank them secretly by placing the ranking chips face down. In each round, players play turns playing “The Victim” and score points when other players match their ranking of the five worst-case scenarios and the next player to the left is the victim at the end of the round.

How To Play Worst-Case Scenario Card Game

During gameplay, the team with the youngest player will begin the game. A player will roll the die during their turn, but they will not move their game piece yet. The team found to the right will choose a Survival Question Card from the box and read the question loudly and each question card is designed by multiple choice answers.

The first team must attempt to answer correctly to move their piece to the rolled number. If they do answer correctly, they must move their piece to the number of spaces equal to the number rolled on the die. If they are unable to answer the question correctly, the opposing team will be allowed to move their game piece to the number of spaces equal to the number rolled on the die.


The game will end as soon as a team reaches the Finish space that is located on the game board. The remaining teams will be placed according to how far they have advanced on the board and it is not necessary for the team to roll the exact amount in order to reach the Finish space.

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