Bad Choices Game Rules and Cards

Bad Choices is a party game that is a combination of Never Have I Ever and UNO designed for adults and is known as a good choice for bad people. The Bad Choices game is about being the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand.

Bad Choices Game Cards

The game comes with over 300 hilarious cards that talk about a diverse collection of topics, including personal experiences, relationships, and hypothetical situations. Bad Choices is known for its edgy and adult-oriented content.

Bad Choices Game Rules and Cards
Bad Choices Game Rules and Cards 3

Bad Choices Rules and Instructions

The Bad Choices board game is designed for adult players who like playing games with different themes and challenging scenarios. The game includes a deck of question cards, where each card has a specific message on it. The game also includes strategic elements such as skip cards, draw +1 cards, draw +2 cards, and all play cards.

How to Play Bad Choices Party Game

To start the game, take all the Bad Choices question cards, shuffle them, and place them face-down in the center of the players. Now, give each person six cards, which they must keep hidden from other players. The player to the left of the last person who joined the game goes first (you can also select a random person to start), and the play continues one by one to the next players.

How to Play Bad Choices
Bad Choices Game Rules and Cards 4

Taking Turns

On each person’s turn, they can pick one of the six question cards and ask the person who they think is most likely to answer “yes” to the question they have chosen. If they say “yes,” the person who is asking is required to bring his card face up next to the draw pile. When they say “no,” the person has to keep the card and try again in his next turn.

Revealing Answers

When all the players are voted on, the player who picked the card reveals their answer by saying “yes” or “no,” and the player with the highest vote reveals their answer.


There is no specific winning in Bad Choices, but players can play the game as long as they want to be a part of it. Also, you can set a specific number of rounds or play until you run out of question cards. Alternatively, there is a suggested winning form where the game ends when all players’ question cards can be played and the person with the most guesses wins the game of bad choices.

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