The Festive Red Flags Rules and Cards

Festive Red Flags is a holiday-themed expansion deck for the adult party game Red Flags: The Game of Terrible Dates that adds 75 new cards (holiday-themed perks and red flags) to the game. The expansion includes both perks and red flags to help players get into the holiday party mood. The expansion pack can be added to the base game or played independently.

The Festive Red Flags Rules and Cards
The Festive Red Flags Rules and Cards 4

Festive Red Flags Rules

The game is all about focusing on convincing friends to go on bad dates, using perks to create the perfect date, and other players putting up red flags to sabotage the date.

The Festive Red Flags Rules and Cards
The Festive Red Flags Rules and Cards 5

In addition, players can draw up to four perks and three red flags. The perks include desirable characteristics, which refer to good qualities of a date, such as hair, personality, or wealth, while red flags are terrible secrets the date is trying to hide from their potential partner.

Things such as having a wife and kids, being a serial killer, or not going to the office. The blind cards give the player who plays the card the freedom to fill in the blank with anything they want.

How to Play Festive Red Flags Card Game

The single player for the round is the one who makes the matches, while the rest of the players are the ones who make the matches. The matchmaker (the single person) chooses two perk cards from their hand to set the single up with the best date, then takes turns reading them out loud. 

The Festive Red Flags Rules and Cards
The Festive Red Flags Rules and Cards 6

The player to the left of the judge picks a red flag card to play on the date of the player to their left. The judge then looks at all the dates and identifies the least offensive one to be in a relationship with. 

The player who wins the date takes the red flag as a point, and the player to the left advances to the new single. The first player with seven points wins, or the play goes on until none of you want to go on a date ever again.

The game is suitable for parties, sleepovers, birthdays, and more. The game can be raunchy or tame, depending on the group. Indeed, players can pick to play with the original game, the expansion pack, or mix and match cards from both. The game is a great icebreaker and can lead to some hilarious and outrageous conversations.

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