The UNO Wilderness Rules And Cards

Uno Wilderness takes the classic Uno card game and gives it a conservation twist and cool Uno Wildlife Rules. Showcasing endangered fauna from different corners of the globe, every card represents a distinct species in its unspoiled habitat. From primates to big cats, both charismatic megafauna and lesser-known species receive representation.

Uno Wildlife Rules And Uno  Wilderness Rules
The UNO Wilderness Rules And Cards 3

The core Uno rules remain the same – match cards by color or number and be the first player to discard all cards. But Uno Wildlife introduces new “Conservation Action” cards that allow players to aid animals in need. For example, players can donate funds to help anti-poaching efforts when drawing a “Park Ranger” card.

A points system rewards players not just for emptying their hands first, but also for helping animals. In the end, the player with the most points wins.

Wilderness Uno Wildlife Cards

There are 108 total cards, just like a standard Uno set. This is divided into the four classic colors – red, blue, green, and yellow. Within each color suit, you’ll find number cards 0-9, plus action cards like Draw Two and Skip. But instead of plain designs, each features an endangered animal illustration!

Uno Wildlife Cards
The UNO Wilderness Rules And Cards 4

Some examples include primates on the red cards, big cats on yellows, birds of paradise on greens, and marine life on blues. It’s so informative! Beyond the standard cards, 12 special “Conservation Action” cards allow players to help wildlife when drawn.

Actions involve donating to anti-poaching efforts, reintroducing species to protected areas, and funding veterinary programs. So interactive! Lastly, the deck includes 8 “Habitat” cards that showcase threatened ecosystems from rainforests to coral reefs. Playing these could spark discussions on conservation challenges different regions face.

Uno Wilderness Rules

The core gameplay follows standard Uno rules – the goal is to be the first player to discard all cards in your hand.

On your turn, you must match the card on top of the discard pile by color, number, or illustration. If unable, you draw from the deck. A match can also be made using action cards like Draw Two, Skip, or Reverse. These classic mechanics ensure approachability. However, Uno Wildlife introduces Conservation Action cards that allow players to help wildlife actively!

When drawn, you read the card aloud and carry out its instructions – whether that’s donating funds, supporting anti-poaching patrols, or reintroducing species. At the end of the game, points are awarded not just for emptying your hand first, but also for Conservation Actions, matching species names/habitats on cards, and more to incentivize learning.

The player with the most points at the end of multiple rounds wins. But really, with Uno Wildlife, we’re all winners for gaining awareness of conservation issues.

Uno Wildlife Rules Additional Details

Uno Wildlife, also known as Uno All Wild Wilderness Uno Edition, is a variation of the classic Uno card game that introduces special “Wild” cards. These Wild cards add an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the game. Here are the rules for Uno Wildlife:

  1. Wild Card:
    • In Uno Wildlife, the Wild card is a game-changer. It can be played at any time and allows the player to choose the next color to continue the game.
    • When you play a Wild card, you announce the color (red, yellow, green, or blue) that the next player must match.
  2. Wild Draw Four Card:
    • The Wild Draw Four card not only lets you choose the next color but also forces the next player to draw four cards.
    • However, using this card is subject to a challenge. If a player suspects that the Wild Draw Four was played illegally (when the player could have played a different card), they can challenge it.
    • If the challenge is unsuccessful, the challenger must draw four cards instead.
  3. Winning the Game:
    • The objective is still to be the first player to empty their hand.
    • Players can go out on a Wild card, but it must be declared as the color that the next player should match.

Uno Wildlife adds an element of strategy and suspense to the classic Uno game by allowing players to strategically choose colors and use the Wild Draw Four card tactically.


With its charming animal illustrations, educational elements, and creative way of incentivizing positive wildlife actions, Uno Wildlife is sure to be a hit with families and groups. Whether playing casually or in tournaments, it will spark important discussions while bringing people joy – which is what the world needs most.

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How many players can play?

Uno Wildlife is designed for 2-10 players, allowing for bonding experiences with loved ones.

What ages is it suitable for?

The game is rated 8+, but its simple and engaging rules mean it can be enjoyed by all ages, both young and young at heart!

How long do games take?

On average, games take 10-30 minutes depending on the number of players, keeping attention spans engaged.

Where can I purchase it?

Look out for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign to help bring this important project to life! Pre-orders will ensure you don’t miss out.

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