The UNO Roboto Rules and Cards

Uno Roboto is a fun and exciting game that adds a robotic rules to the classic Uno card game. To set up the game, remove the four house rule cards from the deck, place the robot on the table, and deal seven cards to each player. UNO Roboto is a version of Uno hosted by a robot that doesn’t favor anyone and likes to do its own thing throughout the game.

Uno Roboto Rules

During the play, players take turns matching a card from their hand to the card on top of the discard pile and can match the card by number, colour, or symbol. If you can’t play, draw a card from the draw pile.

Uno Roboto Rules
Rules Of Uno Roboto

At the beginning of the game, Luna Roboto calls out a player’s name to go first. Then, each player takes turns pressing and holding the red record button, saying their name, and releasing the button. This records each player’s name, which will be used by the robot during the game.

When a player places a card on the discard pile, they should press the discard plate once. Uno Roboto will beep to confirm.

Recording your name and your house rule is also part of the setup. During the game, Roboto will randomly call on you and your friends with tasks and phrases based on the house rule cards that were included in the setup.

UNO Roboto Card Game
UNO Roboto Card Game

UNO Roboto Cards

The UNO Roboto game includes 108 cards of 76 Number cards, 24 action cards, and 8 wild cards. and an interactive robot figure that acts as the dealer. It follows the same rules as classic UNO, with one exception. The robot calls out random rules and phrases that change the way you play.

In recent years, Mattel has introduced two new Wild card types to Uno, increasing the number of cards per deck to 112 cards. These four additional Wild cards consist of either a Wild Swap Hands card OR a Wild Shuffle Hands card, PLUS 3 Wild Customizable cards.

UNO Roboto Cards Meaning

Robot Player

UNO Roboto includes a small robot character that announces game-changing instructions throughout the game.

112 Cards

The game comes with a set of 112 cards, including standard UNO cards like numbers, skips, reverses, and wild cards.


The robot, Roboto, randomly selects players to carry out special actions, such as “Draw 2,” “Skip,” or “Reverse.” Players must follow these instructions as part of the game.

UNO Call

Just like in regular UNO, players must say “UNO” when they have only one card left; failing to do so can result in a penalty.

Please note that the specific actions and instructions given by Roboto can add an exciting and unpredictable element to the game, making it a fun variation of the classic UNO card game.

Rules how to play Uno Roboto Card Game:

  • The goal is to be the first player to discard all cards in their hand.
  • Cards can be played on top of a matching color or number. Wild cards can match any color.
  • When your turn begins, draw a card from the deck so you always have a hand of at least 7 cards.
  • If you don’t have a playable card, you must draw until you get one (unless someone plays a Draw card on you).
  • Action cards can be played on any turn and have special effects like Draw 2, Reverse, Skip, etc.
  • Robot cards introduce additional actions like Force Shield (blocks action cards), Virus Scan (see opponent’s hand), and more.
  • If you play your last card, yell “Uno!” Failure to do so results in drawing 2 cards.
  • Draw 4 Wild cards work the same but also activate your Robot armor card.
  • Players can challenge other players if they think they lied about having a playable card.
  • First person to discard all cards wins! In 2+ player games, you must end on clearing your hand exactly.

So in summary, the core Uno rules apply but Robot cards add futuristic actions and strategies to keep games exciting and unpredictable. Proper use of robot abilities can help you win in Uno Roboto!


UNO Roboto is a fun twist on the classic UNO card game that incorporates a robotic dealer. To set up UNO Roboto, follow these steps:

  • Robot Assembly: Assemble the UNO Roboto robot according to the instructions provided in the game manual. The manual may be included in the game box or can be found online.
  • Card Setup: Shuffle the UNO Roboto cards and deal seven cards to each player.
  • Battery Installation: Make sure the UNO Roboto robot has functioning batteries installed as per the instructions in the manual.
  • Robot Activation: Turn on the UNO Roboto robot and place it in the center of the playing area.
  • Player Registration: Each player registers their name or nickname with the robot by following the instructions provided in the manual. This is how the robot will address players during the game.
  • Game Start: Press the robot’s button to start the game. It will announce the first player to start and guide the game.
  • Playing the Game: Play UNO Roboto following the standard UNO rules. The robot will interact with players, issue challenges, and keep track of scores. The first player to reach a set number of points, as determined by the robot, wins the game.

UNO Roboto Gameplay

Uno Roboto is an exciting variation of the classic Uno card game that adds a unique twist with a robot dealer. The gameplay involves the following key elements:

UNO Roboto Gameplay
UNO Roboto Gameplay

Robot Dealer

Uno Roboto features a voice-activated robot dealer. Players take turns issuing commands to the robot, such as “Draw Two,” “Reverse,” or “Wild Card.” The robot responds by announcing the action and the player must perform it.

Card Actions

Standard Uno rules apply for matching colors and numbers. Players must match the top card of the discard pile with either a card of the same color or number. If they can’t, they must draw a card from the deck.

Special Commands

The robot introduces special commands like “Robo Wild Card” and “Random Player.” These commands can shake up the game and keep players on their toes.

UNO Roboto Winning

When a player has only one card left, they must press the Uno Roboto unit’s button and say “Uno Roboto” before another player does. The first player to successfully play their last card wins the round.

UNO Roboto Scoring

The winner scores points based on the total value of the cards left in other players’ hands. The first player to reach a set score wins the game. Remember, Uno Roboto adds an unpredictable and fun element to the classic Uno game with its robotic commands and actions. Be prepared for laughter and surprises throughout the game. For more detailed rules, refer to the provided sources.


UNO Roboto is a regular game of Uno, except cards get placed on top of the robot’s head and pre-recorded house rules can be announced at any point during the game. Players must match a card from their hand to the card on the top of the Discard pile, either by number, color, or symbol (symbols represent Action Cards).

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What is robotic uno?

Uno Roboto is a charming version of Uno with a small little “robot” that can record speech and talk. This robot becomes the new referee of the game and brings loads of fun.

How do you play uno roboto?

Players must match a card from their hand to the card on the top of the Discard Pile, either by number, color, or symbol (symbols represent Action Cards). The robot also has Surprise Commands where it shouts out instructions at random times, which can change the course of the game at any point.

How many cards are in uno roboto?

The basic gameplay and rules of Uno Roboto are similar to regular Uno, with some additional actions and strategies introduced by the robot/technology-themed cards. But the standard deck contains 103 cards just like a regular Uno deck.

What are the rules for the game uno?

The objective is to be the first player to discard all cards from your hand. On your turn, you must match the color or number of the card played before you. If unable, you must draw from the deck until getting a valid play or someone plays a Draw card on you.

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