The Rules for Splendor Board Game (Splendor Rules, How to Play)

Splendor is a multiplayer, card-based strategy board game for two to four players, designed by Marc André and illustrated by Pascal Quidault. The game was published in 2014 by Space Cowboys and Asmodee and has won several awards, including Golden Geek Best Family Board Game in 2014.

Splendor Board Game
The Rules for Splendor Board Game (Splendor Rules, How to Play) 4

The Rules for Splendor Board Game (Splendor Rules)

In Splendor, players take on the role of Renaissance merchants competing to build the most impressive jewel trade by collecting chips, buying cards, and developing gem mines, transportation, and shops. The rules for splendor board game are simple, players need to accumulate the most prestige points, which can be earned by attracting wealthy patrons.

The Rules for Splendor Board Game
The Rules for Splendor Board Game (Splendor Rules, How to Play) 5

Splendor Board Game Rules, Components

The game is available for ages 10 and up and can be played in about 30 minutes with two players. It is a light Euro game where players use gem tokens to buy development cards and compete to become the most reputable jewel crafter.

The game has the following components:

  • 40 gem tokens, which are poker-sized, weighted chips in five colors (white, blue, green, black, and red) and five yellow jokers
  • 90 development cards, with 40 level 1, 30 level 2, and 20 level 3 cards 10 noble tiles
  • Rules in five languages (French, English, German, Dutch, and Spanish) or four languages (Swahili, Korean, RgK, and Rgt)
  • A dozen square cardboard pieces

How to Play Splendor Board Game

To play Splendor, shuffle the three decks of cards and place four face-up cards from each deck in the middle of the table. This is the marketplace where players can buy cards. Also, set up the gem tokens and Noble tiles. For a four-player game, use the full set of gem tokens, but for three players, remove two of each color. For two players, remove three of each color. As for the Noble tiles, randomly draw one per player plus one extra.

How to Play Splendor Board Game
The Rules for Splendor Board Game (Splendor Rules, How to Play) 6

Starting the Play

In this game, the youngest player goes first, and players take turns, and with each turn, they can choose one of four actions: Collect chips (gems), buy and build a card, reserve a card, or take a gold token.

Taking Turns

The player can collect either three different types of chips or two chips of the same type. When buying a card, players must pay its price in chips and add it to their playing area. Alternatively, players can stack cards by color, keeping the top part visible.

The cards give players a permanent gem bonus for future purchases, and some also give prestige points. Each person in a game can’t have more than 10 tokens at the end of their turn, including jokers. If they do, they must return tokens until they have 10 left.

Playing Cards and Tokens

The players can buy a face-up development card from the middle of the table or one they’ve reserved by using gems or gold to pay for the development card. The cards have a numerical value in the upper right corner, which indicates their point value. Indeed, players can also claim cardboard pieces worth additional points by acquiring enough of the right cards.

Using Noble Tiles and Pieces

Players can earn Noble Prestige points by getting enough development cards in their playing area. Noble tiles are worth three points and have specific requirements, such as having four development cards of the same level or seven cards of any type.


The game ends when a player reaches 15 or more prestige points, and the player with the most prestige points wins. In conclusion, Splendor is an exciting and engaging board game that requires strategy and planning. With its simple rules and quick gameplay, it is perfect for both casual and serious gamers. Give it a try and see if you have what it takes to become the most successful jeweler!


What are the rules for reserving cards in Splendor?

In Splendor, players can reserve a card from the display and collect one gold. To do so, they need to take one of the face-up cards from the marketplace and place it face down in front of them. They can then take one gold token from the supply and add it to their token pool. Reserving a card allows a player to prevent their opponents from getting a card they want, and it can also help them keep their options open for future turns.

What are the rules for noble cards in Splendor?

In Splendor, noble cards are tiles that players can earn by meeting certain conditions. Each noble tile is worth three prestige points and requires the player to have a certain number of cards with a specific color and type. For example, one noble tile may require the player to have three cards of the same color and another tile may require the player to have three cards of the same level. Once a player meets the conditions for a noble tile, they can take the tile and add it to their playing area.

Do you replace nobles in Splendor?

No, you do not replace nobles in Splendor. Once a player takes a noble tile, it is removed from the game and cannot be earned by any other player.

Can you play Splendor with two people?

Yes, Splendor can be played with two people. The game is designed for two to four players, and while it is possible to play with just two players, the game is often considered more challenging and tense with only two players.

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