How to Play Uno Showdown Rules And Cards

Uno Showdown is an exciting fast-paced card game by Mattel that takes the classic Uno game to the next level with new supercharge cards, multiple winners, player elimination, and more action. Here is a complete guide on how to play Uno Showdown including rules, card meanings, and gameplay tips.

How to Uno Showdown

Uno Showdown is an action-based version of the classic card game Uno. It features many of the same basic Uno cards but adds new “supercharged” cards that spice up gameplay. Gameplay in Uno Showdown is faster and more intense with the possibility of multiple winners in a single round. Players take turns playing cards from their hands until only the winners are left – all others are eliminated.

How to play Uno Showdown
How to play Uno Showdown

Uno Showdown Cards

The basic Uno cards in Uno Showdown include number cards, action cards, and wild cards. However, Uno Showdown also features new supercharged cards with lightning bolts that can have huge effects on the game. Some of the different types of Uno Showdown cards are:

Uno Showdown contains 108 cards total, including 19 Blue cards (0-9)

  • 19 Green cards (0-9)
  • 19 Red cards (0-9)
  • 19 Yellow cards (0-9)
  • 8 Draw Two cards (2 each in blue, green, red, and yellow)
  • 4 Wild cards
  • 4 Wild Draw Four cards
  • 16 Showdown cards

Number cards – match the rank or color of the face-up discard pile

Action cards – Skip, Reverse, Draw 2, etc.

Wild cards – change the color

Supercharged cards – These cards are with lightning bolts like All Draw, Invert Hand, Reverse Direction, etc. These can have major impacts on the game.

Uno Showdown Cards Meaning

Uno Showdown Cards
Uno Showdown Cards

Uno Showdown Supercharged

This allows you to play multiple cards of the same color at once. This can be very advantageous if you have a lot of cards in that color.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

This forces your opponent to draw 2 cards and skip their next turn. This puts them at a big disadvantage by making them miss a favor and pick up more cards.

Draw 3/Draw 5

These cards make your opponent draw 3 or 5 extra cards, giving you an advantage in card count. The more cards they have, the harder it is for them to eliminate them all.

Uno Switcharoo

This swaps your hand with your opponent’s, giving you a fresh set of cards while your opponent gets the hard-to-play ones you had.

Quick Peek

This lets you sneak a look at your opponent’s hand so you know what cards to play to make it hard for them.

No Way!

Lets you cancel another showdown card your opponent just played, blocking its effect. This can really turn the tables.

Uno Hijack

Lets you steal one of your opponent’s cards, potentially getting one you need.

No Peeking!

You can block your opponent from using Quick Peek to see your hand, keeping your strategy secure.


This makes your opponent go the other direction or miss a turn, giving you more opportunities to get rid of your cards.

Double Trouble

Doubles the effect of the next showdown card, intensifying its impact.

So in summary, the showdown cards give you ways to draw extra cards, discard more easily, block your opponent, steal their cards, and generally disrupt their strategy to gain the upper hand. Using them well can help you win in Uno Showdown!

Uno Showdown Rules for Gameplay

To set up an Uno Showdown game: Divide the deck evenly between both players Or for advanced games, deal 7 cards to start and place the remaining cards face down in a Draw Pile. Turn over the top card of the Draw Pile and place it separately as the Discard Pile. The player who did NOT deal goes first.

Uno Showdown Rules
Uno Showdown Rules
  • On your turn, you must play one card from your hand that matches either the color, number, or symbol of the top Discard Pile card.
  • Players shuffle the cards face down and deal 7 cards to each player. The rest form a draw pile.
  • For example, if a blue 7 is showing, you can play any blue card or any 7 in any color.
  • You can also play a Wild or Wild Draw 4 card.
  • Players take turns placing a card from their hands that match either the color or rank of the card on top of the discard pile.
  • If a player cannot play, they must draw 1 card.
  • You can then play it immediately or save it for your next turn if you wish.
  • The gameplay then continues clockwise, with each player taking turns playing cards.
  • When you play your second to last card, you must call out “Uno!” If you don’t and your opponent catches it, you must draw 2 cards.
  • If the Draw Pile runs out of cards, take the Discard Pile (except for the top card), shuffle, and reuse it as the new Draw Pile.
  • You win Uno Showdown by getting rid of all your cards before your opponent.
  • When a supercharged card is played, its effect happens immediately and applies to all players for the remainder of that turn only.
  • The first player to discard all their cards is a winner and eliminates all other players left.

If multiple players discard all their cards in the same turn, they all win together and eliminate other players still holding cards. Eliminated players sit out the rest of the round and the game continues until only the winners remain. The winners scored points based on how many cards the other players were holding.

Uno Showdown Supercharged rules

The supercharged cards add an extra twist to Uno Showdown. Some of the most impactful supercharged cards include:

  • All Draw – All players except the active player must draw cards equal to the number shown.
  • Invert Hand – Players invert the order of their remaining hand of cards and play from the opposite end.
  • Reverse Direction – Play direction reverses for the rest of the turn.
  • Skip – The next player skips their turn.

For example, if you play a blue Supercharged, you can play any number of additional blue cards.

You cannot play cards of a different color during a Supercharged turn, only as many as you want of the Supercharged color. After you finish your Supercharged card flurry, gameplay returns to normal with the player to your left taking a regular turn.

A Supercharged card is a great way to dump a bunch of cards at once to get closer to winning. But use it strategically since you have to have enough cards of one color to make it worthwhile.

Uno Showdown Instructions

Uno Showdown is played in matches, where the first player to win 2 games wins the match.

The rules for an individual Uno Showdown game are: Divide 108 cards evenly between two players. Or deal 7 cards each to start.

  • Take turns playing a card that matches the Discard Pile by color, number, or symbol.
  • If you can’t play a card, draw from the Draw Pile until you get a match.
  • Use Showdown cards strategically for their special effects.
  • Call “Uno!” when down to one card or draw 2 if you forget.
  • The first player out of the cards wins the game!
  • Win 2 games to win the match.
  • Uno Showdown adds a new layer of strategy to the classic Uno gameplay.
  • The special Showdown cards can really turn the tide and swing the advantage between players quickly.
  • Using them at the right times along with smart playing and drawing of regular cards is key to mastering Uno Showdown.

In general, when a supercharged card is played, its specified effect happens immediately and remains in effect for the rest of that turn only. Then normal play resumes on the next turn.

My Point of View – Should you buy Uno Showdown?

In my opinion, Uno Showdown is a great choice if you want to enjoy playing action games that make classic Uno games more exciting, and valuable. The new supercharged cards really change the dynamics of the game and keep players on their toes. However, Uno Showdown also retains the simplicity and ease of play of the original Uno so it’s accessible for kids and adults alike. If you enjoy fast-paced card games with surprises and twists, Uno Showdown is worth checking out.


Uno Showdown takes the classic Uno card game and ramps up the intensity with player eliminations, multiple winners, and supercharged cards that shake up the game. The addition of those “supercharged” cards makes Uno Showdown a more dynamic and replayable experience while still maintaining the fundamental appeal of the popular Uno game that millions of people love. If you’re looking for a new twist on Uno, Uno Showdown delivers.

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How do you play Uno Showdown?

Players take turns placing a card from their hands that match the color or rank of the card on top of the discard pile. The first player to discard all their cards wins, eliminating all other players.

How many cards are in the Uno showdown?

There are 108 cards in the Uno Showdown deck, consisting of the standard Uno cards plus additional “supercharged” cards.

How many showdown cards are in uno?

The Uno Showdown deck has around 30 “supercharged” cards with lightning bolts that trigger special effects when played.

How does Showdown work on Uno?

Showdown cards in Uno Showdown add an exciting element as they can instantly change the state of the game when played, altering the turn order, forcing other players to draw cards, and more.

How many cards go in Uno Showdown?

You deal 7 cards from the 108 card Uno Showdown deck to each player at the start of the game.

What happens if showdown cards draw?

If a showdown card forces a player to draw and they don’t have enough cards left, they simply draw however many cards are remaining in their deck.

How do you play showdown cards?

You play showdown cards just like any other card, aiming to match the color or rank of the card on top of the discard pile. But when played they activate their special ability that remains in effect for the rest of the current turn.

How many cards do you give each player for Uno?

Each player is typically dealt 7 cards at the beginning of an Uno Showdown game from the 108 card deck.

How many Uno cards do I give?

When dealing with Uno cards, you typically give each player 7 cards from a standard 104 card Uno deck at the start of the game.

How many Uno cards can you play at once?

In Uno, you can only play one card per turn matching the color or rank of the discard pile. You cannot play multiple cards on the same turn.

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