Drunk Jenga Rules And Ideas

Drunk Jenga is a fun and exciting drinking game that is based on the classic game of Jenga. The game is played with a tower of wooden blocks, each with a rule or a challenge written on it. The players take turns removing a block from the tower and follow the instructions written on the blocks.

The game can get hilarious and adventurous as the players drink and do crazy things like staring contest. If the tower falls, the player who caused it must finish their drink.

drunk jenga game
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Drunk Jenga Blocks and Block Ideas

Drunk Jenga is a variation of the classic Jenga game, where each block has a rule or a challenge written on it. The players have to follow the instruction on the block they pull, which usually involves drinking or doing something funny or daring. Drunk Jenga is a great game for parties, as it can get hilarious and adventurous as the game progresses.

Drunk Jenga Rules

Drunk Jenga is similar to the original Jenga game, but with a twist. The rules are mostly the same, but the blocks have different actions that the players must do. Some of these actions are drinking-related, such as taking a shot or finishing a drink. Others are more social or physical, such as kissing someone or doing a dare. The game can be customized to suit different preferences and situations.

Drunk Jenga Ideas Rules
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Here are some basic rules for Drunk Jenga:

  • Players can’t take a block from the top row.
  • Players must use one hand to pull a block from the tower.
  • The winner is the last player to successfully take a turn before the tower falls.

Drunk Jenga can be played with any number of players, but it is more fun with a larger group. The game can be played with any type of drink, such as beer, wine, or liquor. The game can also be played with non-alcoholic drinks, such as soda or juice, for those who don’t want to drink alcohol.

To set up the game, you need the following:

  • A set of Jenga blocks. You can use the regular Jenga blocks, or the giant Jenga blocks for more challenge and fun. You can buy them online or from Amazon.com.
  • A marker or a pen. You may need to write the rules or the challenges on the blocks. You can use a permanent marker or a Sharpie, or a regular pen to erase them later. You can write the rules on one or both sides of the blocks, depending on how many you want to have.
  • A drink of your choice. You may need to have enough drinks for all the players, and a cup or a glass for each player. You also need a shared cup or a bowl to put in the middle of the table, for some rules that involve pouring drinks into it.

Drunk Jenga Ideas

Here are some examples of rules or challenges that you can write on the blocks for Drunk Jenga. You can use them as they are, or modify them to suit your preferences. You can also make up your own rules or challenges, as long as they are safe and fun.

Drunk Jenga Rules And Ideas
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Here are ideas for Drunk Jenga Drinking Game:

  • Finish your drink: You have to drink all the remaining liquid in your cup or glass.
  • Take a selfie: You have to take a selfie with your phone and post it on social media, or send it to someone of your choice.
  • Take a shot: You have to take a shot of liquor, or a sip of your drink if you don’t have liquor.
  • Truth or dare: You have to choose between telling the truth to a question from the group, or doing a dare from the group.
  • Arm wrestle: You have to arm wrestle with the person next to you. The loser has to drink.
  • Chug your drink: You have to drink your drink as fast as you can, without stopping or spilling.
  • Kiss: You have to kiss someone of your choice, or someone chosen by the group, on the lips or on the cheek.
  • Never have I ever: You have to start a round of Never have I ever, a game where you say something that you have never done, and anyone who has done it has to drink. For example, “Never have I ever been to Paris”.
  • Person to the left drinks: You have to make the person to your left drink.
  • Person to the right drinks: You have to make the person to your right drink.
  • Sing: You have to sing a song of your choice, or a song chosen by the group, for at least 10 seconds.
  • Switch shirts: You have to switch shirts with someone of your choice, or someone chosen by the group.
  • Team: You have to form a team with another player of your choice, or another player chosen by the group. You and your teammate have to do the same actions for the rest of the game, such as drinking, singing, or doing dares.
  • Text your ex: You have to text your ex-partner, or someone you used to date, with a message of your choice, or a message chosen by the group.
  • Toast: You have to make a toast to the group, or to someone in the group, and say something nice or funny about them.
  • Two truths and a lie: You have to tell the group two truths and a lie about yourself. The group then has to guess which one is the lie. If they are wrong, they all have to drink. If they are right, you have to drink.
  • Waterfall: You have to start a waterfall, a game where you start drinking, and everyone else has to start drinking after you, and can’t stop until you stop. The person to your left can stop when you stop, the person to their left can stop when they stop, and so on.

How to Play Drunk Jenga

To start the game, you need to do the following:

Write Rules

Write the rules or the challenges on the blocks. You can use your own ideas or get some inspiration from the list below. You can use the ideas we have given bellow, or use a printable template that has the rules already written on.

Build the tower

Place the blocks in a vertical tower, with three blocks per layer. Each layer should be perpendicular to the previous one. The player who built the tower goes first.

Play the game

On your turn, you must remove a block from anywhere below the highest completed layer. Read the rule or the challenge on the block aloud, and do what it says. Then, place the block on top of the tower, completing the layer before starting a new one.

Your turn ends when you have placed the block on top of the tower, or when 10 seconds have passed since you removed it, or when the next player touches the tower, whichever happens first. The game then continues with the next player in clockwise order.


The game ends when the tower falls, or when any block falls from the tower, other than the one that a player moved on their turn. The player who caused the tower to fall, or who moved the last block before it fell, loses the game. The player who completed the last successful turn before the tower fell, wins the game.


Drunk Jenga is a game that tests your physical and mental skills, as well as your patience and concentration. It is a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, and can be adapted to different situations and preferences. Drunk Jenga is a game that is simple to learn, but hard to master, and always fun to play.

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