The Skull King Card Game

Skull King is a card game combining trick-taking, bidding, and unique cards. Skull King Card Game is inspired by the game Oh Heck but with a pirate theme. The Skull King game is designed for 2 to 8 players, ages 8 and up, and takes about 30 minutes. Here is a brief overview of the game:

Skull King Card Game

Skull King is a game where players try to predict how many tricks they will win each round and score points based on the accuracy of their bids. The game consists of 10 rounds, each with a different number of cards dealt to each player. The game also features special cards, such as Pirates, Mermaids, Escapes, and the Skull King himself, that can change the outcome of the tricks and the bids.

Skull King Card Game
Card Game Skull King

Skull King Rules And Gameplay


The game includes 56 suit cards, 18 special cards, 32 reference/reminder cards, a scorepad, and a rulebook. The suit cards are divided into four suits: Parrots (green), Maps (purple), Treasure Chests (yellow), and Jolly Rogers (black). Each suit has 14 cards numbered 1 to 14, with the Jolly Roger suit being the trump suit.

The special cards are 5 Escapes, 5 Pirates, 2 Mermaids, 1 Tigress, 1 Skull King, 2 Loot, 1 White Whale, and 1 Kraken. The reference/reminder cards show the ranking of the cards and the scoring system. The scorepad keeps track of the players’ bids and scores.


To set up the game, shuffle the deck of cards and deal several cards to each player according to the round number. For example, in round 1, each player gets 1 card; in round 2, each player gets 2 cards, and so on.

The remaining cards are set aside and not used in the round. Each player also receives a reference/reminder card and a bid reminder card. The player with the 4 of Jolly Rogers is the dealer and starts the game.

Skull King Card Game Rules

  • The game is played in 10 rounds, with each round having a different number of cards dealt to each player.
  • The goal of each round is to win as many tricks as possible and to match your bid exactly.
  • A trick is a set of cards played by each player, one at a time, clockwise from the dealer.
  • The player who plays the highest ranking card wins the trick and leads the next.
  • The ranking of the cards is as follows: Escapes < Numbered Cards < Pirates < Skull King < Mermaids. The Jolly Roger suit is always trump, meaning it beats any other suit.
  • The special cards have various effects on the tricks and the bids. 
  • After playing the cards, each player compares their bid with the number of tricks they won.
  • They score points based on the round number and the bid if they match exactly. If they are off by one or more, they lose points based on the difference. 
  • The player with the most points at the end of the 10th round is the winner of the game.

How to Play Skull King Card Game

To start a round, each player looks at their cards and makes a bid, the number of tricks they think they will win. The bid must be between 0 and the number of cards in their hand.

How to Play Skull King
How to Play Skull King

Each player places their bid reminder card face down and reveals it simultaneously when everyone is ready. The dealer then leads the first trick by playing any card from their hand. 

The other players must follow suit if they can, meaning they must play a card of the same suit as the first. If they cannot follow suit, they can play any other card, including a trump or special card. The player who plays the highest ranking card wins the trick and leads the next. 

All players must play their cards before the round ends. Then, each player compares their bid with the number of tricks they won and scores or loses points accordingly. You use the scorepad to keep track of the bids and the scores. 

The player to the dealer’s left becomes the new dealer for the next round, and the game continues until the 10th round is over. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Skull King Reviews

Skull King is a popular and well-received card game praised for its fun and strategic gameplay, high-quality components, and replay value. It is a fantastic game that is easy to learn, quick to play, and full of surprises. We highly recommend this game to anyone who likes card games, pirates, or both!” You can buy Skull King from


Skull King is a card game that will appeal to anyone who enjoys trick-taking, bidding, and pirate-themed games. The game is entertaining and exciting, as it involves a lot of bluffing, guessing, and surprises. Skull King is a game you will want to play repeatedly, as it offers a lot of variety and replay value. Skull King is a fun game that guarantees hours of entertainment and laughter when played with friends and family.

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How many players can play Skull King?

Skull King can be played by 2 to 8 players, but it is recommended for 3 to 6 players for the best experience.

How long does a game of Skull King take?

A game of Skull King takes about 30 minutes, depending on the number of players and the speed of play.

What is the age range for Skull King?

Skull King is suitable for ages 8 and up, as it contains no offensive content. However, some of the special cards may be more suitable for older players, as they involve some bluffing and deception.

What are the expansion cards for Skull King?

The expansion cards are the Loot, White Whale, and Kraken. They add more complexity and challenge to the game, as they have special effects that can affect the bids and the tricks. They are optional and can be added or removed from the game.

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