The FNAF Board Game Rules (Five Nights at Freddy Franchise)

Five Nights at Freddy Franchise

Five Nights at Freddy’s, popularly known as FNAF, is a renowned video game franchise famous for its creepy yet captivating story. The franchise has expanded its universe by introducing a board game version, bringing the beloved pizzeria, its animatronics, and elements of mystery into our living rooms, beyond the computer screens.

The FNAF Board Game Rules
The FNAF Board Game Rules (Five Nights at Freddy Franchise) 4

Age Suitability and Number of Players

The Five Nights at Freddy board game is designed for 2 to 4 players and is best suited for ages 8 and up. It is a great blend of fun, strategy, and education that keeps all players on edge, exactly what board games should deliver.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you should look out for in the FNAF board game:

  • Players: 2-4
  • Age Suitability: 8+
  • Game Length: Up to 20 minutes
  • Game Elements: Game board, game cards, pizzeria animatronics, security guard
  • Gameplay objective: Dependent on role – Either survive till 6 AM as a security guard or increase your scariness as an animatronic to capture the guard
FNAF Board Game
The FNAF Board Game Rules (Five Nights at Freddy Franchise) 5

The Game Components

The Game Board

The game board in Five Nights at Freddy’s board game is designed to represent the layout of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. The board includes various rooms connected by paths, representing the layout and hallways of the pizzeria. The rooms are where the animatronics start their game, while the security office is where the security guard player resides. The board also contains the power track, which is a critical element in the game as it represents the power reserves of the pizzeria.

The Game Cards

The game cards in Five Nights at Freddy’s board game are another essential component. There are several types of cards, each with a specific purpose. The most common cards are the action cards, which dictate the actions of players during each turn. Other cards include item cards, which provide players with special abilities or bonuses, and event cards, which can alter the course of the game.

The Animatronic Characters

A unique aspect of the Five Nights at Freddy’s board game is the inclusion of animatronic characters. These characters, iconic in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, are controlled by the players aiming to capture the security guard. Each animatronic character has its unique abilities and special powers, making the gameplay more exciting and dynamic.

Understanding the Role of the Security Guard

In the Five Nights at Freddy’s board game, one player assumes the role of the security guard. The security guard’s goal is to survive from midnight to 6 AM, while keeping the power reserves from depleting and warding off the animatronic characters. The security guard uses cameras, lights, and doors to track and hinder the animatronics’ movements.

FNAF Board Game Rules

The game is played in rounds, each consisting of three phases: Monitor Cameras, React, and Resolve.

Night Shift Security Guards

As a player, you assume the role of a night shift security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Your duty is to check the security cameras and keep the equipment in good working order while ensuring that the animatronics, which activate on their own at night, stay out of your office.

Security Cameras and Maintain Equipment

The game begins with the Monitor Cameras phase. You’ll remove the top card from the Clock card pile to advance the clock. Then, you flip cards from your piles simultaneously, starting with the Hallway pile. Continue flipping cards for each location until you reach the Show Stage location. If you ever reveal an Animatronic card, you’ll keep revealing new cards until you reveal a non-Animatronic card.

The Animatronics’ Movements and Reactions

The React phase follows the Monitor Cameras phase. Players compare the amount of power left on their Power Dials. The player with more power reacts first. During this phase, you choose which face-up cards you want to react to or whether to conserve power.

Using Lights and Doors for Protection

When reacting to cards, you can choose to turn on the lights or close doors to protect yourself. However, be aware that each reaction depletes your limited power. You’ll roll the Power Dice for each card you react to, which determines how much power you use.

Power Depletion and Its Impact on Gameplay

Power Depletion cards, if in play, will increase the amount of power you need to pay when you roll the dice. You’ll reduce the power on your Power Dial by the amount rolled on the dice plus any Power Depletion. It’s a balancing act between protecting yourself and conserving power!

Winning the Game

The ultimate goal of the game is to keep all the Animatronic characters out of your office until 6 AM. If you can successfully manage your power and prevent the animatronics from reaching your office, you’ve survived the night and won the game!

Five Nights at Freddy Night of Frights

In the Night of Frights board game, players step into the shoes of the eerie animatronics from the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s video game. Let’s dive into the fnaf board game rules to understand the gameplay better.

Role of the Players as Pizzeria Animatronics

As a player, you assume the role of one of the pizzeria animatronics, each with its special powers. Your main objective is to collect sets of items to increase your scariness and capture the security guard. For example, Freddy has 4 Action cards up his sleeve to help him in his quest.

How to Collect Items and Increase Scariness

During your turn, you can add two more items to the board and then use four actions to Move, Pick Up all items in a space, play an Action card, or try to Capture the Guard. You can enhance your scariness on the Scare Tracker by handing in specific sets of items. For instance, handing in two Milkshakes in Room 10 flips your marker over to the scary side on the Scare Tracker.

Rules of Five Nights at Freddy's
The FNAF Board Game Rules (Five Nights at Freddy Franchise) 6

The Role of Event Cards and Tokens

When you attempt to capture the guard, you draw an Event card. These cards primarily speed up the game, but if there are none left, all players lose. You also draw tokens from a bag equal to your position on the scare tracker. If you draw the Guard token, you win. But if you draw a Miss token, it goes back into the bag, and you draw up to three Action cards and turn your scare marker back to its neutral position.

Winning the Game

The game culminates when a player successfully draws the Guard token from the bag. It is important to note that the game can end abruptly if a player gets lucky and draws the Guard token on their first try. This adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the game.


At Learning Board Games, we believe in the educational value of board games. They are not just about fun and entertainment but also about learning and growth. They help children develop crucial skills like strategic thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving. Games like FNAF also encourage players to handle tense situations calmly and think on their feet.

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